Get a notch higher from your colleagues by undergoing the MS Project Training

Are you a project manager who has been stuck at the same level for some time now but have not been able to get a deserving promotion or salary...

Are you a project manager who has been stuck at the same level for some time now but have not been able to get a deserving promotion or salary hike just because you are not trained in MS project? OR are you someone who has been involved in executing projects at a junior or middle management level and wish to lead a team now? Or are you on the verge of starting your career and ordinary looking things tasks like minute planning, organizing, controlling factors related to budgets, manage and allocate resources and overall love to lead a team at your personal level – in the college or family  – fascinate you? If yes is the answer to either of the questions above, MS Project training is just the right course for you.

What you will gain by getting yourself certified as a Microsoft Project Manager is a question that you should invariably ask yourself before committing to the course?

  • As per estimates provided by the project management industry, the approximate requirement for professionally trained individual project managers by the year 2027 will be 88 million across the world. Of this about 75% of the employment opportunities will be created in China and India itself.
  • Certified project managers can find work in any industry as managing a project is common to all major industries like IT, oil and gas, finance etc.
  • Projected salaries of project managers with Microsoft project training lies approximately between $60,645 – $82,720.
  • After doing the MS Project Training, you will be ready to work across different departments and functional areas in the same company, thereby polishing your skills to take up the highest management roles in the company one day.
  • Certified Project managers and team members are always considered favorably during promotions and are eligible for getting handsome salary increase.

One of the primary reasons why existing project managers, team members or would-be project heads undergo the MS Project Training is that once trained and certified, their professional acceptance in the office or the organization where they work automatically increases which results in enhanced self motivation and zeal to work and perform better.

For residents of Mumbai, there are few good credible institutes that provide MS Project Training in Mumbai. The commercial capital of India has ample job and employment opportunities. Most of the financial organizations and other multinational companies have their presence in the city. In the city with the second highest per capita income in the country, a Microsoft certified project manager or would-be manager will have plentiful prospects of getting better and more satisfactory professional opportunities. While selecting to enroll for MS Project Training in Mumbai the candidate should focus on the institute that has good years of experience in providing training in the same field. Also choose to go in with an institute with experienced faculty members who can aid you in understanding concepts better and clearing the examination to get the certification.

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