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A program is defined as a group of a similar project which is managed together in order to incur benefits that would not otherwise accumulate from managing the projects...

A program is defined as a group of a similar project which is managed together in order to incur benefits that would not otherwise accumulate from managing the projects separately. Basically, any program management course is the skill of managing a program of grouped projects to meet an organizations target and strategic goals. Especially the PgMP is an ability to successfully manage similar projects as a program. According to PMI if you want to standout PMP you must apply for PgMP or Program management professional certification. It is a visible sign of project managers advanced practice and skill and it also gives you a discrete advantage in employment and promotion in your career in the future. People are now a day asking for this kind of certification so that they can fully depend on the person’s knowledge and skills.

However, it should be noted that PgMP is not credential that can be a substitute for PMP. When PMP is certification which validates that you have knowledge and training to manage an individual project successfully, PgMP course is that professional certification which allows you to deal with multiple projects are the same time and grows your skill to navigate complex activities that span functions. Working in an IT firm as a project management consultant there are many firms which you will come across which follows different methodologies for project management and delivery of the same. Some adhere religiously to the principles of PMI while others managed projects randomly preferring to focus on technological requirements.

But the organization that did not follow process showed widening gaps between strategy and its execution and such situation generally leads to missed targets and also eventually reduced growth. But according to report with program management maturity 75 % of the projects are successfully compared to 54 % who operated without program management maturity. Those organization that shows growth for long period of time had a backup of project management professional.  Hence PgMP certification can help position the managers for complex strategic and senior roles.

As per the study as of 2016, there were 120 PgMPs in India which was the third largest pool of this certification after the U.S. and Canada. Generally, the certification holders of the PgMPs hold either the top of the mid-level position in any organization and are generally regarded as the knowledge and skill they possess. They are also very experienced like most of them have 15 years of project management experience and at least 5 years of program management. There is required number of experience which is required for doing this certification course. And that much knowledge is necessary for an option for higher certification. PgMP certification training can be very helpful for the future growth of your career in which you can plan for bigger and multiple projects to work in an organization. The course demands the person from the project management background for further studies and training. As the candidate should be fully aware of the basics of the project management concept.

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