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As a project manager, a program head, a general manager, a strategic business unit head, a team leader, project director, portfolio manager, senior director of a company, your main...

As a project manager, a program head, a general manager, a strategic business unit head, a team leader, project director, portfolio manager, senior director of a company, your main challenge everyday is to juggle between different projects. You are the one who is overseeing the entire functioning of multiple projects simultaneously. You are the one who on one hand is the go-getter for all your team members in case of any issue or query and on the other, the only person answerable to the higher management for all outcomes, results, achievements and failures of not one but multiple projects or programs.

You are then the right candidate for undergoing the Program Management Training Course because it will help you and the organization to redirect all your energies and focus in a properly coordinated and professionally stream-lined manner to align program activities with business goals and achieve the desired results. This will help excel in deliverance of quality and effective output.

This course from The Project Management Institute trains the person to manage intricate multifaceted activities that cover multiple functions, organizations, cultures and countries. As per a report, there is 76% chance of a project or a program being successful if the program leader is professionally trained to perform his job as compared to only 54% chance of the project delivering desired results when lead by a person without any training. It has also been found that managers with PGMP certification training earn on an average 20% more than their non-certified colleagues.

The PGMP course includes in-depth study of the various domains pertaining to Program Management, the primary ones being Strategy Alignment, Benefits Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Program Governance and Program Life Cycle Management. It also concentrates on supporting processes like the program definition phase, program benefits delivery phase and program closure phase.

To be eligible for the PGMP certification training, an individual needs to be holding a 4 year degree with at least four years of Project management and four years of program management experience or a secondary diploma with minimum four years of project management and seven years of program management experience. The PGMP course can be done only from a PMI accredited and authorized training center like ours. Our trainers are senior people from the industry with hands-on experience in program management. Their experience and knowledge along with focused professional approach of imparting the training will enable you to derive maximum benefit from the program and also in achieving good scores during the examination for the certificate.

At the end of the Program Management Training Course, you will come out to be a better leader who has the requisite skills, proper understanding of tools like the scorecard & road mapping and other techniques of effectively running and pilot complex multiple projects. You will be trained in practical handling of budgets and schedules, optimal utilization of resources by allocating properly and sequence projects as per priority. And above all your take away will be your ability to initiate, structure, organize and govern programs that will help achieve business goals.

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