President Trump Endorses New Immigration Bill Calling for Merit-based System

Immigration Lawyers In Canada

Immigration to USA is a dream of many migrants, but due to strict rules and immigration laws, many of them drop their idea of moving to the USA. Though the process of US immigration is quite lengthy and difficult, with patience and proper consultation, it could be possible. If one is eligible for immigrating to the USA, then with proper assistance and help, he/she can easily come to the country and improve their living. The eligibility for entering the USA is checked with the four attributes: family ties, employment based work permits, status as a refugee and with no previous criminal waiver issue. After checking the eligibility, one can apply for the US visa. But the whole process is very complex and a simple mistake in the application form could result in the rejection. So it is mostly recommended to hire an immigration attorney that could handle the most complex issues and have expertise in handling all kind of US immigration issues and manage clients most controversial and unusual immigration needs. The immigration attorneys and lawyers of Berardi Immigration Law are one of them.

So if you are a Canadian and looking for a visit to the US temporarily or on a Work permit or to settle down there, you need to follow some strict laws. Let Berardi Immigration Law firm to help you and make it easy to US immigration from Canada. Berardi immigration law is the US based immigration law firm that is providing help to all the immigration issues for migrating into the US. The experienced Immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers can help you through the complex US immigration matters whether if you want to move to the US for permanent or temporary basis. As a former immigration inspector, our lawyers have a deep understanding of the issues that Canadian clients face. All Canadian Immigrating to USA contact our law firm or call at number 1-877-721-6100 for any immigration help.

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