DC-Motors – a synchronous motor in the family of the small gearmotors

DC-Motors – a synchronous motor in the family of the small gearmotors

What is a DC motor?

A DC motor is a small gearmotor which is synchronous and powered by DC electricity through an inverter which produces a bi-directional electric current to drive each phase of the motor through a closed loop controller.

DC motors can be brushed or brushless. Brushed DC motors have been around since 1911 and their brushless version since the 1960s.

Brushed DC motorsdevelop their highest momentum when they are stationary and linearly decreasing as velocity increases.

Brushless DC motorshave several advantages over brushed DC motors. One of the greatest advantages is that the motor’s internals can be entirely enclosed and thus are protected from dirt or other foreign matter.

How are DC motors embossed?

DC motors can be embossed by angular gear, planetary gear as well as round or flat spur gear.

This makes them fit for a large variety of applications and very flexible in their insertion. Depending on the manufacturer of the DC motors you can either purchase only one, a few or all embossing methods. This means, that if you need a special embossing method then you should definitely do a larger research on the manufacturers and check which embossing methods are offered, if the price is acceptable and if the service is good.

Do all small gearmotor manufacturers offer DC motors?

Some do not and have specialized in other types of small gearmotors. None the less you will find that the most experienced manufacturer and developer of small gearmotors, Merkle-Korff in the US, as well as the Top Taiwanese small gearmotor manufacturer Shayang Ye and the most experienced manufacturer PowerTronic Drive Systems GmbH in Germany have a broad variety of small gearmotors including different types of DC motors.

Which industries use DC motors?

To name a few and answer this question:

  • Farming
  • Automotive
  • Medical and Rehabilitation
  • Door Automation

These are only a few examples of small gearmotors to give you an idea, but DC motors are used in more industries than the above mentioned.

Which appliances use DC motors?

Again you will find only a few examples of the usage of DC motors and you can imagine that if you look closely you will find many more in your surroundings.

  • Ticket vendors
  • ATM machines
  • Door locks in jail
  • Compressors
  • Packing machines
  • Labeling machines

So you can see that these are only some of the appliances where you can find DC motors in action.

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