Dont Be an Option Be a Priority

Be strong and extremely confident in what you are doing, there is no need to get scared of anything or anyone. Grab each and every opportunity you get and...

Be strong and extremely confident in what you are doing, there is no need to get scared of anything or anyone. Grab each and every opportunity you get and never ever give a second thought on “How will I do it?” JUST GO FOR IT and achieve whatever you aspire for.

Chetana Wagh

Ms. Chetana Wagh was born in Mumbai to Mr. Ghanyshyam J More, a retired teacher from Bombay Municipal Corporation and Mrs. Chhaya G More who was a great mentor and played an instrumental role in shaping Ms. Chetana’s professional life. After a Graduation in Chemical stream from Mumbai University, she started her Post Graduate Diploma in International Business and completed the same from Mumbai University. She then started her professional life with an Indian headquartered freight forwarding company db Logistics India Pvt. Ltd as a Management Trainee. As Chetana notes, “acquiring this meaningful profile wasn’t a piece of cake with 5-6 candidates trying to get the same profile”, but with her sheer hard work, motivated by her wish of not being an option rather a priority, she succeeded in getting the job profile she wished to. She opted for this industry in the initial stage of her carrier to get the basic knowledge of supply chain.

Pursuing a Masters in Management was motivated by her aim to be a priority rather than an option along with a newspaper article she read during her 10th grade which highlighted the importance of MBA.

After working at “db Logistics” she went on to work as an Import Executive at “deugro Projects India Pvt. Ltd.” a wholly owned subsidiary of “deugro, Germany”. Hereafter few months of joining she started handling the complete imports of India, cross trade and export projects along with business generation from key customers. But she was a person who always wanted to be a part of supply chain management and finally, she got this opportunity as an executive at Merck Life Science India Pvt. Ltd. This change in the field did come at a huge cost; she was accepted as a fresher and that too after 3 years of valuable experience. But she accepted it happily as she wanted to be in SCM.

The Merck Group, branded and commonly known as Merck, is a German multinational chemical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences company headquartered in Darmstadt, with around 50,000 employees in around 70 countries. Merck was founded in 1668 and is the world’s oldest operating chemical and pharmaceutical company, as well as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The chemical division of the company has further subdivisions like Research and Applied, Performance Materials, Bio Monitoring, Cosmetics and Lab water.

Her current role as an Executive-Distribution calls her to report to the Distribution Head, India. Her major role complies with Process Improvement, business analysis for distribution department, Operation Excellence (OpEx) for distribution, department – Employee Engagement by conduction training, track project under Op-Ex & process improvement.

Being a female did present her with its own challenges. She says, “in person, she a very strong and ambitious but when it comes to corporate world which is said to be men’s world, it is considered that women are only for customer services, they don’t need to grow and work only to spend their time and earn peanuts.” But with her sheer willpower, she overcame all the challenges the corporate world threw on her.  And moreover, she is very proud to work in an industry traditionally dominated by the males.

Her colleague Mr. Prasad Jadhav, Assistant Manager Logistics notes, Chetana is a very hard working and very much career oriented girl, a person who is very energetic and assertive about her goals in life. She is a person who knows to strike a perfect balance between her career and personal life, as a co-worker he admires her for her cooperation & support in all walks of life. She mixes very well with other colleagues and also expresses her views in a very firm manner. Being an extremely career oriented person Chetana also is very kind at heart & understands what others feel. She is one of the best face readers out there and within no time can guess what’s going on in someone’s mind. Men or woman, she is always on the forefront when any of them needs any help. She works to be a perfect example of coordination between all her co-workers and gets her goal achieved within no time. Prasad goes on to say that Chetana is the perfect women of the present era.

“Full of Sacrifice & a Hard Worker” is what comes to Mr. Dhananjay More’s mind. Her brother says that he has seen her struggling in her life, but eventually she achieves what she wants. He says that he has never seen someone in this modern world who strikes such a perfect balance in life and handles her corporate job as well as her family so perfectly. Chetana believes in simplicity and respects people in every age group. He further says that she is an amazing woman to be with and he extremely happy to have a sister like her.

Her father Mr. Ghanshyam More says that she is a kind of person who is extremely sincere and very dedicated and always complete any work assigned to her, she never leaves any work incomplete. He goes on to say that she was extremely active since her school days and always took part in all the competition, be it table tennis or badminton or drawing or running race she was always there ready to take on any challenges. He also points out that she is a kind of person who likes hiking and goes for it regularly.

Her husband Mr. Tarkesh Wagh says, “Chetana is a person who always finds out time for everyone, her family, her colleagues and those who need any kind of help.” She donates food, toys or other essentials to individuals going through crisis especially poor children’s. Mr. Tarkesh describes himself as blessed to have a wife like Chetana.

We at Machine Maker is proud to bring the story of this inspiring woman who believes in and ask the other fellow women too, to not be an option, rather be a priority.

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