Dos And Don’ts That Can Help You Win Custody Of Your Kids Following Divorce

Divorce is a heartbreaking and emotional time for a couple who has decided to go their separate ways. In the best scenario, the termination of the marriage was mutual...

Divorce is a heartbreaking and emotional time for a couple who has decided to go their separate ways. In the best scenario, the termination of the marriage was mutual and custody of the children can be sorted out without much interference by family solicitors Leeds based professionals. As most of us know, this is rarely the case.

Child custody can be messy and it will take its toll on the children and the parents, but the children are worth fighting for. Here are some tips for parents who are in the midst of a custody battle that will increase their chances of winning:

DO Hire Legal Representation

First and foremost, call solicitors in Leeds for their legal counsel right away. Going to a custody hearing without legal representation is never a good idea because this lessens your chances of winning. Your ex will most probably have a lawyer or solicitor on their side, so should you.

DON’T Hire Unqualified Babysitters

Babysitters that are too young, such as 13 and 14 may make you look like you don’t care about your children’s well-being. The same thing applies when hiring just anybody without checking their credentials. Your former partner can use this as evidence against you in court claiming you have endangered your children by trusting their care to someone who isn’t qualified.

DO Keep The Home Clean

A very common reason why children are taken away from their loving parent is due to their living conditions. An unhealthy and dirty home is not fit for raising a child which will result in losing custody. Take the word of expert family solicitors Leeds based legal team and clean your house and keep it safe and fit for your children to live happy and healthy lives.

DON’T Post Anything Bad On Social Media

While you are not required to stay at home all the time during the custody battle it is wise to be careful with your actions. Posting pictures of you partying, drinking, or otherwise engaging in reckless or dangerous behaviour will lead to you losing your children to your ex-spouse. Pictures can be all the proof the opposition needs to ruin your reputation in court.

DO Keep In Touch With The Kids

If during the divorce the children were awarded to your ex, don’t disappear from their lives. Even if it hurts to visit their home and pick them up only to have them leave you after spending the day together, it is worth it. You need to show the court that you are still playing an active and vital role in your children’s lives, if not you will most likely lose custody.

DON’T Stop Fighting

Sometimes it can be hard to face the courts when your children were taken away from your care, but with the help of solicitors in Leeds, you still have a fighting chance. As long as you hold out hope and keep fighting to have them in your arms again, there is always a chance your kids can come home again.

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