Events Calendar in Lexington Ky.17th February

Events Calendar in Lexington Ky.17th February

On 17th February, the bliss rolls on at Lexington Ky. Therefore, anytime you have some time, pop in and cool you nerves. To avoid monotony, the things to do lexington ky organizers try hard to schedule new and interesting events. This time, there are a couple of more mind-blowing activities to burst your fun nerves.

Keep abreast with the calendar lexington ky:
• Titillating Performances
At the Burl, Ancient Warfare’s, Italian Beaches and The Younger will be showcasing their musical skills live. Grab your tickets fast for only $10 or $12 dollars and let’s get the party started .Remember, entry is only allowed to 21 year olds and above.

• National Anthem and Take Me Out to the Ball Game Try Outs
Gifted Musicians will step into the spotlight at Fayette Mall, ready to do their hearts out. They will sing or play the National Anthem before Legend’s home games in 2018.The event will begin at 11am and run all the way to 2pm.Don’t miss out!

• Novel Tea Featuring Angela Correll
As a fan of literature, a lifetime opportunity with Angela Correl, the author of the Mary Trilogy-Grounded, Guarded and Granted unfolds. Join the restaurateur, preservationist, soap-make and entrepreneur as she journeys into Kentucky’s life and love. It’s open to all ages.

• Saturday Night Live Music: Johnstone Brothers Band
Show up at Red Mille for a live performance by the Johnston Brothers band, the “Rock ‘n Rol Repertory Orchestra,” Enjoy a variety of musical tastes including blues, jazz, fuk and rock. Meet these unrivaled performers live.

• Whisky Bear Live with Maggie Lander
Every Saturday, we’re more than excited to introduce to our audiences, some of Lexington’s finest artists to Whiskey Bear Live. As you gobble down your dinner from your restaurant of choice, wash it down with your favorite drink before enjoying a live performance. This time, Maggie Lander, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will call the shots live. Her fiery fiddle playing coupled with her smoky, soulful vocals spices her performances up a notch.

• UK vs Alabama
Are you tired of following up game results long after players left the pitch? This time, catch UK vs. Alabama engage in a fierce netball stand-off. It will all get started at the Rupp arena, so you better hurry to watch it live. Whichever team you support, it’s going to be fun and something to have in event calendar lexington ky.

• Homes from the Heart Gala
Attend the Homes from the Heart Gala at Signature Club. Featuring some of the best top notch musician Nicholas Jameson of Sundy Best; a silent auction and guest speaker Jeff Sheppard, things will be smoky hot there. For only $65 for a ticket, you’ll tap into limitless fun right there. Asides from the fun, the evens main cause is raising $90,000.00 to support those living in abject poverty in Guatemala. You’ll not only have fun, but have a sense of fulfillment supporting humanity as well.

To end off, the events scheduled for 17th February are power-packed with interesting activities. All you have to do is scan the calendar in Lexington Ky to single out the event or events you find interesting. In no time, you’ll be enjoying your time in Lexington with absolutely nothing holding you back.

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