Events Calender in Lexington ky this February

Events Calender in Lexington ky this February

As valentines fast approaches, you really want set aside some valuable time relax, right? Your wife says she doesn’t need anything this valentines but her eyes betray her. Although you’re convinced she’s lying, you just don’t know how best to surprise her. The good news is; it’s actually a walk in the park. Lexington Ky will shower you with an unforgettable experience when it comes to things to do lexington ky. Instead of traditionally surprising her with a vase full of red flowers at the dining room, a few days out for a mind-refreshing adventure will do just fine.
Here’s the Events calendar schedule in Lexington KY:

1. 12th February: Snowbird Dressage
New Year celebrations are long gone already; so it’s time to blaze your own trail. There’s a lot of exciting things slated for this year.12th February is coming with a boom. You’re probably wondering what snowbird dressage is. Simply, it’s a Kentucky Dressage association sanctioned show. The series will commence with February and March shows for the spectators and competitors alike. Also, USEA classes will be included with the exhibition of introductory, first, second, third and advanced levels. If you’d love to hone your craft, keep a close eye on the event. The venue will be at Kentucky horse park area. If you’re a newbie, you’ll leave as an inspired gamer.

2. 12th February 2018:Live Performance
Mostly, you enjoy musical performances on the television. This time at the Burl from 7:30pm, Billy Don Burns in the company of special guests: Josh Morningstar, James Reed and Coby Langham will blow your mind off with a sensational life performance. To attend, 21 years of age as well as a $12 ticket are pre-requisites. You don’t want to miss this!

3. 13th February: Devil’s Backbone Crafts and Drafts

At the Saints Pizza Pub and Sky Bar in Louisville, Devils Backbone will be dining the evening away. If you’re running out of options for your calendar lexington ky this season; this event is worth your time. Show up for a toast with us from 5pm to 10 pm, and learn more about brews while trying out the amazing combination Devil’s Backbone offers. You won’t at all be disappointed.

4. 13thFebruary: Kid’s Art Day
Sometimes, kids and toddlers ferociously snatch away peace from you. For that, don’t lash out at them. They’re actually not ill-intentioned. They probably just want to tap into the unimaginable bliss they regularly hear on Television. Take them to Boom Ice-cream lounge at Manchester St., Lexington KY, where there’s free ice-cream and snacks. As an adult, you can enjoy the experience too.

5. 13th February: Valentine’s Dinner at Woodford Reserve
Valentine’s Dinner at Woodford Reserves is all about spicing up love. Hold tight your darling and let all roads lead to Woodford Reserve Distillery. A wonderful four-course meal, live music and cash bar are in store for you and your special someone. You’ll enjoy the delectable meal and wash it down with your favorite drinks. As the hard –line policy puts it; entry is exclusively for 21-year olds and above.

With the roundup information on event calendar lexington ky, there’s a whole world of exciting activities in store for you and your kids as well. Don’t keep making up excuses yet you have the golden opportunity to have fun. Therefore, begin making arrangements fast enough to avoid missing out. Lexingtion KY is wholly refreshing!
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