Events in Lexington Ky on 16th February

Events in Lexington Ky on 16th February

On 16thFebruary, the fun will roll on In Lexington. If you’re a die-hard fun lover, you better hurry so you don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The thing is; there are lots of mind-soothing events scheduled for you this season. All you have to do is keep checking the calendar so you don’t miss what’s in store for you. You’ll experience unique things to do lexington ky which probably just existed in your wildest of dreams.

Here is the events calendar in Lexington Ky on 16thFeb:

At the Burl, Airpark’s Michael Ford, Jr and Ben Ford will lift you off the ground and lead you into a sky-high pop world. They commenced the duo in 2006 and since then, they’ve been wheeling out great music inspired by irresistible melody and groove-filled percussion. They’ll thrust you into a blissful zone.

A.R Guerney’s Love Letters
This is one of the best to have in your event calendar lexington kyAre. you the kind of person who would do anything in high school to either participate in or watch plays? This time, you have an exclusive opportunity to follow the A.R Guerney’s “Love Letters”two act plays narrating an exciting love story between two lovers. As the theme puts it, the play entails an evolving relationship between a man and woman that manifests through their interesting love letters to each other. Follow up the act with a coffee buffer and dessert at every intermission.

The Hellbenders
At Weisiger theatre, the Hill Benders will bring to life a 40-yr old rock opera rhymes, the who’s Tommy. Produced by the SXSW co-founder and top rated longtime musician and producer Louis Jay Meyers, this team are expected to get it off the ground from 8pm.With the perfect blend of rock star vocals and virtuoso musicianship, you’ll hear banjo, basso, mandolin and guitar platy with similar energy the way it did back in the day.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Drama will dominate the day. Celebrating its 125th anniversary season, Berea College Theater presents August Wilson’s thrilling play, Ma Raineys’ Black Bottom. Nothing said about the contents. You better hurry to catch it yourself. It will kick off on 16th and run all the way to 18th.Dont miss the bliss!

Onward to Damascus
Preston Dyer’s concerted search continues at Kentucky Horse Park. This is a wonderful opportunity to travel back in time and follow Preston Dyer’s mission to the Middle East seeking the Arabian Bloodstock to bring it back to America. The comprehensive photo-pile tells it all. You’ll learn a lot about the Arabian horse.

KHSAA State Wrestling Championships
Well-built players will be entertaining you at the Kentucky Horse Park Caltech Arena. The quite-rough sport is cheer-intriguing no matter who you side with to beat the opponent. You better show up to give your favorite player all the support as you enjoy talking photos lexington ky.

Forty Minutes to Glory Book Signing
As a mad cat lover, this event is meant for you. Come and meet 4 of the 5 commencing players; Jack Givens, Kyle Macy, Rick Robey, and James Lee hailing from the University of Kentucky 1978 Championship team. To chronicle the historical event, you’ll purchase a $100 worth product and receive the “Forty Minutes to Glory” book. Exciting, right?

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