Fallacies and Facts About Home Elevators

Fallacies and Facts About Home Elevators

Before, home elevators are never a thing. Back then, only buildings and infrastructures install elevators. Today, people now have elevators with them at home. Some have them for luxury while others have them for necessity and easier transportation up and down the house.

Moreover, along with the popularity of home elevators comes some fallacies about them. In this article, let’s talk about some of these fallacies and try to correct them by discussing some facts. Read on and be informed.


Space requirement may vary depending on how large or small your home elevator can be. However, when people think of placing a normal size of a 38″ wide and 50″ deep home elevator, they will most probably think that it is all the space needed.


In installing a home elevator, apart from the size of the elevator car itself, the space for the rails, gates, and running clearances should be considered as well. In a simple explanation, if you are planning to place a 36″ wide and 48″ deep home elevator, an additional 17-20″ wide and 6-8″ deep space should be added in the calculations.

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It’s not safe!

There is a misconception that elevators can cause accidents and that no one should have them at home. This is because they strongly believe that the cable that holds it up can break easily. And anytime, if the power runs out, you will be trapped and die inside.


Home elevators are supported by strong steel cables. They are customized where you can be safe in most possible situations. As a matter of fact, elevator cars are designed in such a way that air can move freely in and out. Home elevators will also ring during emergencies.

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Free-Falling Ride!

Most people believe that if the weight limit of an elevator is not followed, it will definitely fall unto the ground.


Every elevator car has a weight limit. An elevator will alarm when it’s overloaded and will not move until it reached its safe weight requirement. The doors will normally stay open until enough amount of weight is reduced.

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It is indeed true that installing home elevators is expensive, but it is actually a good investment. So, worry not about spending a few bucks for your home elevator’s installation. In no time, it will all be worth it for sure.

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