Trendy Finishing for Your Kitchen Cabinets

A good cabinet finishing can make your kitchen the centerpiece of your house.

When you have invested your time in choosing the material of your kitchen cabinet, door style and doorknobs you may be surprised if your kitchen cabinets end up looking a little bland. A finishing can make or break the appearance of the cabinet, in short. A good cabinet finishing can make your kitchen the centerpiece of your house.

A few good kitchen cabinet manufacturers and suppliers have come up in Houston that is capable of giving your kitchen a refined look. The kitchen cabinets can be given the final touch in a number of ways nowadays. Let’s go through some of these methods and at the same time keep in mind the type of cabinet you have and the layout of your kitchen.

You should expand your horizon and shift from the monochromatic colors of the kitchen cabinets. A simple way of breaking away would be to paint the cabinets in different shades of one or two colors. You can mix and match these colors. A light color will perfectly complement its darker counterpart. You can paint the top cabinets in light and the bottom cabinets in dark.

Another color that people seem to be obsessed with when it comes to kitchen cabinets is the traditional white. There are many light colors that will lend to a sunny kitchen by reflecting off light rays like lemon yellow and beige. If you want a sunny kitchen then you can also go for neon colors. Brighter, bold colors on cabinets can actually make your kitchen look more spacious.

Grey and beige are also common colors when it comes to kitchen cabinets. You can also try out shades like yellow and blue to color the cabinets. Bright colors like red or orange will reflect your cheerful personality while navy blue will lend a royal touch to the kitchen.

You can also forego painting your kitchen cabinets entirely. Then, to make your kitchen cabinets last longer you should go for a stained finish. However, stained finishes nowadays also come in different colors. A stained finish will retain the natural texture of the wood wholly or partially. It will lend a completely different look to your kitchen.

Whether you are going to paint your kitchen cabinets or give a stain finish, you need to choose between matte, glossy and semi-gloss. For instance, if you opt for a dark color like deep blue, then you can choose a matte outlook. It will lend a dark yet stylish appearance. Colors like orange and red should be accompanied with a glossy finish to bring out their brightness. Beige color calls for a semi-glossy touch while white and grey goes with all three finishes.

The cabinets are one feature in your kitchen where you can let your imagination run free. You should consult with the cabinet makers regarding the finish and be open about your choice of finish. Set a new trend by going for an entirely different look of cabinets in your kitchen.

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