Geographical Outlook of Glass Tumbler Market in Key Regions

A glass tumbler is a vessel used for drinking water, milk, juice and other various kinds of beverages. It is a flat bottom vessel made of glass with straight...

A glass tumbler is a vessel used for drinking water, milk, juice and other various kinds of beverages. It is a flat bottom vessel made of glass with straight sides, no handle or stem and usually of small capacity.Glass tumblers are present in the market in various shapes, sizes, and colors which make them highly attractive due to its transparent nature. Unique features that make the glass tumblers attractive include heat resistance property and double walled borosilicate usage of glass which makes the product visible. Tumblers are available as lidded or non-lidded. Non-lidded tumblers offer storage for kitchen products. Glass tumblers are mainly used to serve drinks that include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Apart from drinkables, the glass tumblers are used in the décor sector as a small vase or container for candles. Mainly different variety of glass tumblers have a high demand in restaurants and home décor industry. As the alcoholic beverage industry is rising at a faster rate through past five years, the demand for glass tumblers used to serve alcohol is expected to increase accordingly as these tumblers provide a clear view of the product served in it and provided a better consumer experience.

Glass Tumbler Market: Dynamics

A glass tumbler is made by various methods including press which is machine made and blow molding which is hand-made. The double walled structure to the tumbler provides strength to it. Glass tumblers are globally accepted due to excellent properties of its raw material-glass. Glass is highly resistant to chemical attack and is extremely elastic, providing consumers with various shapes. Glass also provides a better surface for printing company logos, making the glass tumblers attractive. It has been observed that consumers have a high preference for glass tumblers to have a more premium experience, particularly in case of alcoholic beverages, as they enable excellent product presentation.

Glass tumblers have high demand in restaurants and bars for serving beverages. The growing demand for attractive drinkware products and an increase in the use of promotional tumblers as a corporate or personal gift will gradually help the glass tumbler market to flourish. The developing countries such as India and Brazil have witnessed extensive growth in lifestyle and employment in the past few years, which has led to the increase in disposable income. The same has an impact on the growth of glass tumbler market. The global tumbler market is segmented as steel, plastic, and glass. Among these steel accounts for the highest share in the global tumble market.

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Factors affecting the glass tumbler market are its brittle nature, less no of application, increase in the no of high-grade stainless steel and plastic tumblers as they provide vacuum insulation technology and rise in consumption of premium coated drinkware with lids. Another major factor slowing the growth of glass tumbler market is the increase in the recreational activities and sports in the regions such as the US, Canada, and Europe which require steel and plastic tumblers.

The increase in the alcoholic beverage market in North American will help to increase the global glass tumbler market. The APAC region is estimated to account for the most significant share in glass tumbler market due to the increase in disposable income in this region. The MEA region is determined to contribute small but rapidly growing market share in glass tumbler market. Growth in Latin America region is expected to be moderate during the forecast period. 

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