Here’s Why It’s Best To Use Kiln Dried Wood

Whether you’re looking for wood that for your open fire or for your stove, you would want to buy only the best. In the market, two of the most...

Whether you’re looking for wood that for your open fire or for your stove, you would want to buy only the best. In the market, two of the most popular choices are seasoned and kiln dried wood. In this article, we’re walking you through the advantages offered by logs processed through a wood drying kiln.

What is Kiln Drying

When you cut a log, you can observe a certain degree of moisture depending on the kind of wood. For it to become marketable, companies find a way to decrease the level of a log’s moisture content. Why? Because logs with high levels of it won’t be able to produce heat. And if they can, the amount will only be at a minimum. It can also lead to the build-up of tar on chimneys, or to the darkening of the window glass of stoves.

Manufacturers minimize a log’s moisture content through a process called kiln drying. Using a network of log drying kiln, woods are subjected to an accelerated drying process that can last for about two weeks. The time it takes for a wood drying kiln to produce an output that can be reliably used by customers is dependent on the amount of a log’s moisture content.

Reasons to Use Kiln Dried Wood

Many people prefer kiln dried wood for a number of reasons. Here are some of the best ones:

They are ready for immediate burning

Compared with seasoned woods that require drying when purchased, these logs can burn smoothly even upon arrival. And if you need to store them for a while, they can still give you the heat that you need without the hassle.

More heat will be produced

As what was mentioned earlier, logs with low moisture content can create more heat. A log drying kiln has the capacity to reduce a wood’s level of moisture by around 15 to 20 percent.

Cleaner burn will be generated

Apart from producing more heat, you can be guaranteed that a cleaner burn will be generated by a kiln dried wood. By doing this, you can avoid “tarring up” your chimneys or damaging the glass of the window of your prized stove.

They burn more efficiently, saving you money

Kiln dried logs are easy to use and are capable of burning more efficiently. Though they are pricier at first glance, over time you can save money — given its efficacy in generating more heat in a relatively briefer amount of time.

They are storage-friendly

As they can be used immediately, you won’t have to worry about the storage space for your logs. And even if you have to store them, woods processed using a log drying kiln can be easily and neatly stacked up.

The logs won’t have bugs and insects

During the kiln drying procedure, bugs and insects are killed and removed from the wood in the process. This warrants you the assurance that your logs won’t be infested. This also allows kiln dried woods to become aesthetic, decorative additions in your living area.If you are looking for a log drying kiln. Kiln Services Limited is among the most trusted manufacturers today. Our wood drying kiln may range between 20 to 100 cubic meters depending on your needs.

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