How Logistic Portal Can be Beneficial to Your Organization?

A logistics company will have many suppliers and to deal with some is easy but to deal with many requires you to maintain the records. The online portal can...

A logistics company will have many suppliers and to deal with some is easy but to deal with many requires you to maintain the records. The online portal can be customized according to the organization’s needs. The portal allows you to maintain all the records, facilitates internal communication and keeps the upper management updated about everything.

Often the logistics company have various vendors often referred to as agents and more specifically freight forwarders working for them and during shipment of any particular consignment, if there’s some issue, the information must be conveyed with the logistics company. The mess up by the vendor can be due to many issues like consignment delivered at the wrong destination address, delay in dispatch, hence delay in delivery, or consignment getting stolen/misplaced or any uninvited situation or even bad packaging. The Logistic Portal will maintain the details like the date of dispatch of the shipment, ETA, i.e., the estimated time of arrival, carrier name, details of the mode of transportation (by air/road/sea), the ports where the consignment will reach and every notification must be updated on the portal. The portal will also have detailed information about the mode of transportation of a particular consignment. The portal also allows to build and maintain good relations between the logistics company and the vendors since there is a proper communication between the two and every information is updated regularly and this in turn improves the business relations between the logistics company and the businesses who place their order with them.

The Logistic Portal is very helpful because there is no direct booking of the consignments between the customers and the logistics company, and there are no direct lines because there are big consignments involved to be sent to far off destinations. The freight forwarders take the orders from the vendors and place it with the logistics company. The freight forwarders may contract with multiple carriers. The containers during shipping do not travel directly from source to destination. There are stoppages like dry ports and the sea ports or so called hubs where the container’s shipment details are noted down and further communication takes place for shipment. The containers weigh in tones and the orders are big in numbers usually. The logistic portal maintains every bit of the information and offers the end-to-end solutions to the logistics industry. The information will include the total weight of the consignment, the consignment dimensions, and the shipping address or the final destination where the consignment is to be actually delivered. The logistic portal software supports commercial invoicing, packing list stating the number of items to be shipped to the destination address.

The logistic portal is capable to maintain details that every freight company would need. It caters to both domestic and global/international destinations for deliverables of goods and consignments. The logistic portal is a great way as it offers an accurate tracking system for the customers to track their consignment if it has reached the destination in good condition and on right time or to track the current location of the consignment, wherever mid-way it has reached on a particular hub.

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