How to Make a Fortune with Affiliate Program

How to make a fortune with Affiliate Program Affiliate programs can be pretty hit or miss nowadays. Sure, you have your Amazon Associates and your Clickbanks, but even...

How to make a fortune with Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs can be pretty hit or miss nowadays. Sure, you have your Amazon Associates and your Clickbanks, but even those either have low commission rates,or, in the case of Clickbank, a less than decent reputation.

But the affiliate program to end all programs is here. It’s high paying and almost guaranteed to win some amazing commissions. We’re gonna show you how to make a fortunewith Affiliate Program.

But first, let’s take a short look at itself, shall we? – is a marketplace for YouTubers and marketers. Marketers pay for YouTubers to include ads in their videos, or buy a channel outright.

YouTubers themselves can find advertisers or sponsors for their their channel, or sell the channel right away. Basically the inverse of the marketers. It’s a pretty lucrative place, as you might imagine. YouTube is prime ad space nowadays!

Of course, you’re probably wondering how you, the affiliate marketer, fit in. Let’s introduce the Affiliate Program of! – The Affiliate Program

Like all affiliate programs, this one is totally free to join. And of course, you get a link. So what makes this program so much better than the others? Well, to sum it up in one word: commissions! More specifically, 100% commissions!

Yep, that’s no joke. pays you full commissions for every referral you make. And all you have to do is get people to sign up!

OK, maybe 100% commissions isn’t convincing for you. That’s understandable. Most 100% products are only a couple dollars. Maybe $10. Even $20 is a bit of a stretch. But the thing that makes SponsoredShow so special is it’s $49 payouts!

We should probably explain what’s going on here. charges members (YouTubers) a fee for making a listing: presently $5 for a sponsored listing (to put their channel on the marketplace) and $0 for a “for sale” listing (to sell their channel, obviously).

So you’ll get $5 for a sponsored listing (which is by far the more common one). Admittedly, that’s not much, but as mentioned above, very soon SponsoredShow is revising their prices! Sponsored and “for sale” listings will each become $49.

In other words, every time one of your referral makes a listing (read: a listing, not signing up), you get a whopping $49! The YouTuber is practically paying you with every listing, whether it’s a sponsored or “for sale” one.

With those rates, a mere 10 listings everyday will get you nearly $500 daily. How great would that be? But even if you manage to get 1 listing a day, you’ll get $1500 monthly. That’s still a great source of income.

-Why it Works

Videos are a great way to reach a target audience, and the niche nature of many YouTube channels makes it so that the viewers will most likely be interested in the product advertised.

Plus, the YouTubers themselves have a dedicated following, Their subscribers trust them. If they’re advertising a product related to their niche, you can bet the conversion rates will be high. Remember, to be able to make a listing on, a channel needs to have at least 1000 subscribers. So an audience is there.

Don’t forget that marketers are always looking for new ways to reach that audience, so you, the affiliate, are in a comfortable position.

It’s clear is a can’t-miss opportunity. You’ll have a great chance to make some high commissions, and with the advertising industry relying more and more on video content to reach an audience, the demand for affiliates to spread the word of a marketplace like this is very high.

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