How To Make Sure Your Vehicle Passes The MOT

It is common knowledge for most car owners who have cars that are older than 3 years that they are required to pass the Ministry of Transport test, also...

It is common knowledge for most car owners who have cars that are older than 3 years that they are required to pass the Ministry of Transport test, also known as the MOT. Cars that do not have an MOT are considered unworthy and save to travel on the road. Owners who do not comply with this requirement will not be allowed to renew their vehicle tax or even get insurance, without these you will not be able to drive your car legally.

As cars get older, passing the MOT Welling agents administer get a little more tricky. The best thing to do is to drive to your nearest garages in Kent to get your car tested and examined to see if it is MOT ready. Otherwise, you can do the following to improve your car’s chances of passing the test:

1. A Quick Light Check

This is the first thing any car owner should check, even if there is no MOT test scheduled. Check all the lights such as the headlights, fog lights, hazard, brake lights, etc. If they are all in working order. If they are not, replace the bulbs right away and check this off your list.

2. Testing The Brakes

The car’s brakes are an important safety feature and must be in excellent working condition for the car to pass the MOT test. Take a look at your handbrake and steering wheel for any signs of damage, if so bring them to your trusted garages in Kent for a quick repair.

3. Mirror Mirror

Another car part that should meet the MOT Welling standards are the mirrors. Ensure that all of the obligatory and important mirrors are intact and free of cracks and damages.

4. Registration Plates

Make it a point to clean your registration plates so that it is clear and readable. If the plate has sustained any serious damage that makes it unreadable or it is seriously deteriorated get them replaced at once. If the plates aren’t clear and readable there is a big chance of your car failing the MOT test.

5. Check The Warning Lights

Usually the flashing of your dashboard warning lights is a bad sign, but for the MOT test all of these light must be in good and working order. If all the lights are working correctly, your car will score higher, if not they should be repaired before the test.

6. The Proper View

Clear any obstructions on your windshield that block your field of vision. This means getting rid of any stickers and hanging ornaments that are distracting when you are driving. Also check your blades for damage, and replace them when needed.

Old Cars Can Pass The MOT

Just because your car has been in use for more than three years doesn’t mean you need to replace it. As long as you go through this checklist before the MOT test and make sure that everything is in good working order, your old car will surely pass the test. Go through this list and bring your car to a garage for any repairs before the scheduled test!
At Claremont garages in Kent, we make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and environtment-friendly. We also do MOT Welling servicing to save you from the headache.

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