How To Plan A Perfect Vineyard Wedding

How To Plan A Perfect Vineyard Wedding

Vineyards are marvelous, passionate places to boost your wedding ceremony. They are increasingly more well known, especially in Birmingham, for their old-fashion, vintage elegance, and earthy atmosphere. If you believe having a vineyard wedding meets your requirements, have a look at these must-have suggestions, which will make planning your day very simple.

Rustic Adornments

To complement with the country ambiance, select decor for your wedding, which has the traditional vibe of wine country? Go with natural color tablecloths, warm-tone plants, burlap highlights, and classic metals. Cream, blue or green, and natural real wood colors are also great to incorporate for furniture or centerpieces. Classic lanterns, wines barrels, and distressed wood tables are must-have wonderful accent parts that match your wine wedding vibe.

Elegant Florals

The advantage of selecting a vineyard as a wedding location is that the colors of the environment are natural and incredibly easy to enhance. With this idea, you truly have innovative independence for selecting floral plans that are right for you and good to your look. Sunflowers, lavenders, as well as pink or cream-color tulips,  are apparent vineyard most favorite, but feel free to include your favorite blossom.

Diverse Drinks

Because you are having a vineyard wedding, will not mean the only liquor option must be wine. Provide some art beers and fun drinks for guests in case their preferred drink is not in the vine. You need to talk with the winery’s team to allow you to offer alcohol-based drinks.


Vineyards are beautiful throughout every time of year, but remember that every month changes the vine leaves. If you would like your wedding day photographs to have a backdrop of lush vines, you will need to book the venue before the pick seasons. In case you have your ideal setting in mind, Contact the venue staff to help you find the perfect day for you.

Local Eats

Wineries often have contacts to local caterers in the region, so inquire if the place has any at heart to bring their delicacies. Hiring local caterers is a huge trend for a wedding. The vineyard staff will also most have suggestions and offers for wines that will pair well with every sort of your menu. Note that some wineries do not have kitchen areas, so it is essential for the caterer to have all meals prepared just before they attend.

Vineyard Wedding Transportation

Both charm and a disadvantage to wineries is their isolation from towns. The tricky element this provides for a vineyard wedding is the necessity for taking all the guests to and from the location. Taking into account hotels in the region and arranging for a shuttle service for guests may be beneficial. Having a means of transport ready for your guests is a smart move. Be sure you also make it clear in the invite for guests to clothe themselves in ‘vineyard formal’ attire, so they make plans to wear the best sneakers for pebbles or dirt places. If your wedding goes into overnight hours, outdoor lighting is particularly very important to the natural landscape.

Take-Home Token

Offering wedding ceremony favors that tie into the vineyard-wedding theme is an excellent idea. Give bottles of wine or customized cork stoppers as presents to your guests.


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