Huber Fleisch – Meat Offers

Huber Fleisch – Meat Offers

Are you looking for high-quality meat or meat products? Then take a look at Huber Fleisch,

No matter whether high-quality lamb meat, quality poultry or any other type of meat – we have what you are looking for. We also offer delicate veal and quality beef in our offer.

Meat Deliveries

At the moment, we supply restaurants, businesses, snacks and meat merchandisers with our meat offerings. Be our customer and let yourself be supplied to lamb, poultry, beef, veal or other variety of meat. As soon as your order has been received by us, the dispatch is immediately initiated, short – term delivery free delivery from Monday to Saturday at the desired time is also possible by our own, modern vehicle fleet.

Our Meat Product Range

In our EU-approved cutting plant daily fresh pork and beef is cut, so that we have the possibility to produce special cuts for meat shops, trade, industry, restaurants, fast food and large kitchens. In addition, our product range includes fresh veal and lamb meat, poultry as well as various meat and sausage specialties from our own production.


If you have any questions about our meat, poultry, lamb meat or our meat offerings, call us at 0 79 46/84 31.

Or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Find more information relating to Schweine- und Rindfleisch, and Rindfleisch here.

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