Huber Fleisch – Qualität und Frische vom Lande

Huber Fleisch – Qualität und Frische vom Lande

Our meat specialties

At Huber Fleisch GmbH, we have a wealth of meat and sausage specialties, both from our own production and from other meat merchandisers in Germany. Our offer includes not only beef, veal and sausage specialties, but also other types of meat specialties.

Are you planning a party and looking for meat and sausage specialties?

Order with us. Two reasons speak for an order with Huber Fleisch – the reasonable price-performance ratio and the high quality.

Our meat offers

Your order can consist of our wide range of meat and sausage specialties as well as our meat offerings.

Other types of meat you can order from us:

  • Beef
  • Pork meat
  • Veal
  • Lamb meat
  • Ground meat
  • Beef Chop

Quality and safety

Our trained staff carefully and conscientiously checks the meat for temperature, condition, freshness, PH value, hygiene etc.

By the daily decomposition of freshly delivered pig halves and parts, as well as beef halves and cattle districts, we can promise a fresh quality every day. Up to the delivery to our customers, several inspections are also carried out, thus guaranteeing our customers the highest quality.


If you have any questions regarding our meat offers, please call us at

0 79 46/84 31. We will deal with your request promptly.

Find more information relating to Schweine- und Rindfleisch, and Rindfleisch here.

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