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In today’s digital world, technology is using rapidly in the education sector. Those days are no longer when school or college learning is limited only to teacher-based lessons including...

In today’s digital world, technology is using rapidly in the education sector. Those days are no longer when school or college learning is limited only to teacher-based lessons including dusty chalks and reams of worksheets. These days, it becomes more advanced with the surrounding of multimedia experiences. Manufacturers and exporters are providing the sophisticated technologies with the aim to make teaching and learning at educational institutions more effective and easier to get a better maximum outcome. The way content is presented has got significant changes with the development of multi-featured and user-friendly Interactive Projector.

The advent of this 21st century presentation technology has given the numbers of opportunities for both teachers and students to create a collaborative environment in the classrooms. This is an interactive institutional tool that unlocks the door to a dynamic learning experience and creates engaging lessons. Designed to keep and encourage the students to focus on lessons with complete dedication, this technology inspires pupils to learn at a new level.

More and more schools, as well as colleges, are choosing to use projectors outfitted with ultramodern equipment for their classrooms and presentation room. A research has shown that most of the educational centers are witnessing the improved learning outcomes for students by transforming the teaching methods. Replacing the traditional ways with new interactive projectors, an instructor can make the complex concepts such as scientific terms get understand easily and interestedly with outstanding and interactive images displayed on the screen with the best picture quality. Interactive projector enlivens the classroom environment by maintaining the interest of pupils and increasing the learning experience.

Instead of using an additional special screen, a user can display the image directly on the projector screen making learning more fun and productive. The appealing visual images, sound, presentations slides and video complement the live performance by providing an impressive impact on the content of lessons. Multimedia content projected through interactive projector helps to communicate the message and explain the concept in understanding and interesting way along with providing brilliant viewing experience to an audience.

Ultra series of Interactive Short Throw Projector allow users to control the projection activities using interactive pen and software. The high-tech projectors are available with many annotation features including:

  • Image gallery
  • Erase
  • Edits
  • Annotate
  • Floating keyboard
  • Video
  • Colors
  • Stamp
  • Save and undo
  • Move and rotate
  • Pens
  • Text
  • Print

Apart from these, short throw projectors are available with other luxury features, specifications, accessories and one year warranty. 3D and HD compatibility, ultra portability, instant restart, better contrast ratio, self-contained interactive whiteboard functionality, billions of colors and fully functional remote control are the most amazing features. Interactive Short Throw Projector offers many advantages such as:

  • Promoting independence
  • Enhancing fun and engagement
  • Providing flexibility and adaptability
  • Increase retention
  • Multi-touch collaboration
  • Real-time learning requirement
  • PC-free interactivity
  • Efficient and easier user interaction

One of the biggest advantages of installing interactive projector is to overcome the new challenge of keeping the attention of technically savvy students who live in high definition and technological world.

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