Key Technologies That Have Revolutionized The Insurance Industry

Technology has changed the way insurance business was done in the past. By using big data, companies are capturing client information, and insurers are able to provide more precise...

Technology has changed the way insurance business was done in the past. By using big data, companies are capturing client information, and insurers are able to provide more precise actuarial practices and improved prediction of risk trends. In this article, we will look at the major technologies that have disrupted the functioning of the insurance business.

Acquisition of new customer

Insurance technology solutions enable insurance agencies to become smarter and strategic about the way they are reaching to new customers. From insurance product supplier who offers a wide range of products to segmentation of customer, technology has made acquisition of new customers easy and strategic. This has led to an increase in the number of insurance companies too.

Digital technology is beneficial to provide insurers with a chance to learn about their customers in a better way. This results in accurate pricing and underwriting and improved identification of fraudulent claims.


A major concern that insurers face in underwriting process, is that they want to know how much they can charge in order to avoid forming adjustments in 6 months or 12 months.

Technology such as management of risks uses data for the efficient calculation of accurate policies. It offers customization and flexibility that assists in the creation of a more precise underwriting procedure that is able to retain customers easily.

Claims CX

Claims are seen as the way insurers lose their money. With the support of technology, claims can even make money. It has been observed that automotive technologies can help in reduction of the claim cost by nearly 30%.

Technology can enhance each and every facet of the claim procedure. With the help of pre-populated forms of claim and applications, it has become a lot easier for people to submit their information without needing answer same questions again and again. Technology introduces better and improved ways of interact, by way of agents texting their customers about claim status.

New technology has removed a lot of risks as insurance companies work with experts and specialists who take videos and pictures. To make the claim settlement process free of hassle and frustration, many insurers have incorporated live chat to answers their customers quickly via a video chat.

Ongoing CX Engagement

Insurance is all about developing professional relations with customers. Technology along with IOT devices keeps insurance company updated about the major happenings in the life of customer. It can be when customers acquire a new home, a new driver or a new baby. Staying updated enables insurers to effectively engage with their customers and provide them additional services.

Bigger companies are seen to have poor communication as compared to smaller companies. That is the reason large firms aim for personalized touch and customization of a smaller insurance company. Big data makes it easy to analyze feedback of customer.


Impact of technology shouldn’t be underestimated. Besides offering new opportunities, technology has got the ability to bring transformation in the entire insurance industry. It only requires insurers to be ready to take risks and execute the change.

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