Decoding Vital Features of the Advanced Master Data Management Solutions

This article tries to explain the vital features of the advanced master data management solutions that can help new-age companies manage their product data effectively.   The advanced master...

This article tries to explain the vital features of the advanced master data management solutions that can help new-age companies manage their product data effectively.


The advanced master data management solutions can be described as the practice of making use of the information, applications and many other technologies to successfully support the product-related procedures across the customer, business and supply chain.

As the new-age companies amplify the quantity and diversity of products and services they give to customers and partners, they have to address more restrictions in the approach they manage and distribute the product information such as related attributes and content which expresses the pro­ducts in the best manner.

MDM solutions, the applications and new-age technology which assists in executing it are specially designed to assist companies to deliver the best possible product data throughout all the channels, departments and partners in their company.

For making this happen successfully, your MDM tools must support different business responsibilities, from product managers and marketers to functions and manufacturing teams and to suppliers and the ones in the supply chain.

Successfully managed product information is exceptionally vital in order to make well-versed decisions in relation to the retail, distribution, manufacturing, and promotion of your products and services further.

Analytics applied to product data might relent a wide assortment of metrics; they can specify where exactly the product data is missing, where it must be improved, right patterns of product usage and exact meaning of feedback concerning them.

Check Out the Significant Features of the Advanced Master Data Management Solutions:

  • Dynamic Data Model: Systems which assure companies an ideal in-built data model function only if the system and data sphere of the company in question is securely united with that data model. Nearly all new-age companies fail to stick with a system data model but must be flexible in terms of structure, acknowledgment and the data quality rules.
  • The Audit Trail: The adoption of MDM tools by the companies translates to establishing a platform which they can actually rely on. They must understand why exactly the data was being updated from A to B versus blindly relying on an MDM solution. The audit trail provides the details around all the changes the data goes through and why.
  • Case Management or Queue Management: Usually the data stewards will require looking at the data tagged with the data quality issues to make sure that it’s actually a data or duplication setback and then accept-reject the changes. Few other important features have cost, product maturity and product executions in your niche, time-to-value, integrator you make use of, product reliability, technical support, alignment with client’s existing architecture, your architect or decisions makers preferred vendor, accessibility, and cost of technical supplies to implement and support the application after implementation and a lot more.
  • Matching & Merging: However these are two separate aspects walk hand-in-hand. Duplication is the biggest problem for companies matching duplicate records on the basis of the custom business rules and merging the duplicate records are mandatory features.
  • Auto-merge: There has to be a potential for organized auto-merge for duplicate records if all the defined criteria are met.

Businesses of all sizes and niches must start building data-maintenance and governance processes, for obtaining and maintaining right master data for the smooth and stress-free functioning of the company and to reach the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick one wisely and install the best master data management solutions for your company to effectively, systematically and smartly store, access, give out and use your vital product data!


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EnterWorks offers the most effective and powerful master data management solutions that are extremely flexible and dynamic to meet every modern-age business enterprise’s product description and master data needs.

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