A Basic Guide In Choosing The Ideal Table Cover For A Mundane Use

Summary– The PVC table covers made by Liv India are a part of the table linen or napery sets. These can be bought individually or in the set as...

Summary– The PVC table covers made by Liv India are a part of the table linen or napery sets. These can be bought individually or in the set as well. They come in many sizes and styles for everyone’s use and choice.

The table cover does more than one realizes. They safeguard the expensive dining tables and center ones from the stains of the chicken gravy, the tea-cup ones and the red wine ones too. To ensure that one can enjoy a hearty meal without sweating over having to scrub the table covers.

Liv India’s range of PVC table covers, runners, placemats and many more help the average home of India to maintain the cleanliness and beauty. As they say, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ Hence these PVC made transparent covers and other napery is so adored among the locals.

These are made to last more than one’s furniture. As in India, the trend of changing the interior decoration every season or festivities has emerged. Many people tend to replace their furniture every other year, they neglect the tiny details like the table linen sets and many more. Even the crockery and cutlery is freshened for a dinner party or a cocktail session, but the table covers are left.

To solve all that dilemma, these PVC made covers are for every such situation. These can be washed and scrubbed even in the most rash manner and still not tear open any time soon. Their transparency allows them to see through to the printed ones laid down underneath them.

These table covers are very adaptable and have a glow finish to them. And they come in various sizes and designs, so that one can easily team them up with the side table, the center one and the dinning one.

  • The Genesis: These have a design right in the middle and transparent on the sides. These come in the set as the runner, mats and the cover. One can buy the entire set for a matchy-matchy look or individually also.

  • Cara: Now these are very popular with the kids of the house, as these come in prints along with being translucent. The prints of fruits and vegetables, make the dining table more appetizing.

  • The Ballet: These have a very elegant and stylish look to them as these come in the self-design with the sleek border. These can be used across the high-end tables and still look upscale themselves. They look very chic and one can spread them at a fancy dinner party.

  • The Bella: These are translucent with a broad border that falls on the sides. These very useful to be laid down on top of the beautifully printed ones to ensure that even they are seen and still be protected from tasting the food.

All of these covers made by the table covers wholesaler which are Liv India are low-maintaining and very popular across the country


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