Global UV Disinfection Market Top Companies, Trends and Growth 

What is the Global UV Disinfection Equipment Market Size? The Global UV Disinfection Equipment Market is expected to cross USD XXX Billion by 2023 at a growing CAGR of...

What is the Global UV Disinfection Equipment Market Size?

The Global UV Disinfection Equipment Market is expected to cross USD XXX Billion by 2023 at a growing CAGR of approximately XXX% during the forecast period. The UV Disinfection Equipment is primarily used in the water treatment process to kill the microorganisms and make the water pure. The UV light can destroy the DNA in the cells of the microorganisms, which can make it completely harmless and leads to death.

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Factors Driving the Growth of Global UV Disinfection Equipment Market:

In the UV Disinfection process, purification of water is done by passing it through a steel chamber called reactor and exposing it to UV light inside. A lamp is attached inside the reactor to produce this UV light, and whenever water is passed through this lamp, high amounts of UV light is received by the microbes. The longer the tube, the higher is the amount of exposure of the water to the UV light and degrades the DNA. Different doses of UV light are used based on the availability of the microbes. It is necessary to take care that there is no turbulence in the water as it can help the micro creatures to skip the light exposure.

There are several factors supporting the demand for global UV disinfection equipment market such as the growing demand for pure drinking water across the globe at an economical cost. Additionally, the government support, harmless disinfection process, energy- and cost-efficiency, increasing demand for the process in healthcare, and food and beverages industries, and growing demand for saving rainwater around the world. On the flip side, the factors like the alternative treatment methods like chlorination, inability to treat the residues and others are hampering the market expansion.

Geographic Segmentation:

Based on the geography, North America is the leading contributor to the global UV disinfection equipment market accounting for around 37% of the total market share. It is expected to continue its position in the future owing to the increasing use of technology in the United States and the growing companies in the region. The Asia Pacific and Europe are expected to witness a promising future with the growing demand for safe drinking water in the regions.

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Some of the Leading Companies in the Global UV Disinfection Equipment Market:

The key players in the market are Getinge Group, STERIS, UltraViolet Devices, Xenex, Lumalier, Ju Guang, LAOKEN, Shinva, and American Ultraviolet.

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