Non Flammable and Energy Efficient: An Eco-Friendly Lighter

Non Flammable and Energy Efficient: An Eco-Friendly Lighter

A lighter is an important tool which many people normally carry with them every day. It is a simple device made of mainly metal or a plastic holder that produces flames for lighting. Lighter can be used to light cigarettes, cigars, gas stove, candles, etc.

Basically, you are not allowed to enter a plane with a flammable lighter. These lighters may cause accident during the flight. Good thing Singapore Rechargeable lighters are built in a way that they are safe to carry in flights. Check out the types of these lighters below:

  1. Plazmatic lighter

The Singapore Plazmatic lighter excels in the weatherproof category. It can be used in extreme conditions without worrying about the quality of the flame being produced.

  1. Beam lighter

In a survey, it has been reviewed that normal butane fuel is very dangerous when exposed to certain conditions.By taking this as a consideration, manufacturers has made the Singapore Beam lighter that uses power rather than butane to generate plasma wave. The amazing part of this is that it is very cost efficient and energy saving.

  1. Plasma lighter

Conventional lighters get hot as soon as they are used, making it unsafe especially if you use it continuously. This will not occur with Plasma lighters because it does not create a fire and remains cool and safe even after many usage. The Singapore plasma lighter has this great feature that allows you to light anything in any direction without burning yourself.

  1. Rechargeable lighter

The new Singapore Rechargeable lighters are proven to be a very convenient carry along device They are very easy to use and also very portable. It can be powered by USB cable and can produce up to 400-500 lights.

  1. Eco lighter

A non flammable lighter is also proven to be earth friendly. No flame is produced or used in the production or utilization of this device. It means that it is safe to use and carry on anywhere. The Singapore Eco lighter is 100% flameless. It is powered by a micro USB connection. You just have to plug and connect it to any power source. This way, it lasts longer and makes it more efficient.

Find more information relating to Singapore Beam lighter, and Singapore plasma lighter here.

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