Buy Davidoff special series cigars to enjoy smoking in relaxing time

Davidoff has a special edition for cigar smokers and this edition has very special products for those who value quality and appreciate taste.

So, who’s the strongest contestant for the international Cigar Smoker contest for the “Year Award”. Come December and the world will know who is the winner and also what his choice and taste are. But one thing is certain that is Davidoff Cigars will again bag the award for the most popular and the largest selling tobacco brand in the world.

This brand has created a niche market for its products that epitome of quality in cigar production. It serves premium quality tobacco products to a wide range of customers including high-and-mighty of business and political echelons. And it is able to satisfy a large number of customers only because it has a good variety of tobacco products. But its special series cigars are more popular than other produces.

Davidoff Double R is a special edition product made by blending four different tobacco harvests into one. It blends flavors of leather, almonds, black pepper and various spices into a Double Corona format. Average smoking time of this produce is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. And it is available in a pack of 25 pieces of premium produce. It is a very special gift for someone who relishes tobacco more than others.

It has a tradition of producing different tastes to suit different needs and for this reason it keeps searching new flavors and ways to offer tobacco produce. What make these products different is the manufacturing that is manual and the ingredients that are tastefully selected from different countries. And the tradition of making finest quality produce continues.

Davidoff Special R is another premium quality produce from the special series products. It is special in the sense that the tobacco leaves used for making ingredients or filler of the product are hand-selected. Also the binder that is made from Piloto tobacco is handpicked. The finely selected ingredients wrapped into Ecuadorian wrapper make the fines quality product and the smoking time is also reduced to 45 minutes.

You can see that every piece of cigar has its smoking time and a distinct flavor. It is where Davidoff has a clear advantage over others. Where others fail to understand needs, this brand offers the best products. It understands taste and smoking time and this is evident from the specification of its products. There is little doubt that this company is going to lose its title of the best cigar manufacturer even in near future.

Another example of quality product is Davidoff Special T where the letter “T”stands for torpedo format. It got T from the way it enters into the senses and tickles taste buds in mouth and nose. The effect is startling and can leave the smoker in awe for a moment. It is the best companion in relaxing time. Its smoking is 50 minutes and it is enough to have a great time with a tobacco product.

Davidoff is a smoker’s choice and this is evident from the wide range of products and flavors available with this brand. Whether you are starting smoking cigar or you’ve a habit to smoke, you will become fond of these premium quality cigars.

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