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The Operating System For Your Business Your business requires multiple departments, people, and process all working together towards a common goal – growing the business and providing excellent customer...

The Operating System For Your Business
Your business requires multiple departments, people, and process all working together towards a common goal – growing the business and providing excellent customer support. But many companies are still using disconnected, fragmented tools, applications and processes. Some companies will address aspects of their business with a spreadsheet to manage leads or implementing a finance system for invoicing, or another product for customer support, but they still have business silos. To be an agile, successful and efficient business, you need a platform which covers every aspect of your business, from the initial lead generation, through to marketing, accounting, customer support and beyond. When you are considering deploying a business performance platform, don’t look at just one aspect of your business, look across your business, where’s there room for improvement? Are your processes optimized? You don’t want just another tool to capture contact information, which is difficult to use, not scalable, cannot be integrated with other business departments, and generally holds your business back. You want a solution that gives you a complete 360-degree view of your business from the initial lead generation, through to customer service and all the departments in between, but you want a system that can grow as your business does.

Zoho is scalable to your business needs, you can start with the module specific to the business area you want to optimize, perhaps you want to tackle sales and lead generation, invoicing or customer support, no matter the business area, Zoho allows you to use the tool you need now, and scale as your business grows. With the power of Zoho you can identify trends, spot opportunities, target specific prospects based on their buying habits and automate aspects of your business, increasing operational efficiency, not just with your sales team, but across your entire business and reduce operating costs by having one platform to manage your entire company, ensuring your employees, regardless of their role, work efficiently and have the right information at the right time for your business to operate at maximum performance.

Increase business performance
You can train a sales rep how to enter an opportunity into the CRM system, but salespeople need to learn how to have value-added conversations with a prospective customer. Salespeople don’t get overly excited about being trained, but they get very excited about learning something new – especially when that “learning” directly impacts their income as in the case of winning sales.

The training classes listed above are all necessary competencies for the salesperson to perform their job, but the microlearning’s highlight the knowledge that’s required to conduct value-added conversations. And value-added conversations lead to winning business.What’s more, microlearning’s are timely. Salespeople can always get help with pricing configurations when they get back to the office – but they better know about their #1 competitor’s new product announcement when they’re directly asked about it in a client meeting.

Companies are beginning to recognize the need to evolve their sales training programs and are rethinking how learning & development affects their overall productivity levels. There’s a reason they don’t call it the training curve; training will not affect productivity as much as learning.

According to CSO Insights, B2B salespeople spend up to 35% of their time searching for or creating content to advance their sales. A lot of this time is spent looking for the learnings that will allow them to add value to their conversations and win. Harness the knowledge your team is finding every day on their own, and turn it into an effective and efficient system of sharing microlearning’s with the sales team to increase productivity.

Our approach to creating an effective micro-learning system is simple, which is why we call it the A-B-C Microlearning Package. For this example, I’ll use the first topic on the list of microlearning’s in the table listed above computer Technology Articles, “Insights on our top competitor’s new product.”

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