Types of sites and their development

Types of websites and their description

The creation of the website is today one of those few information technologies in which the standards associated with their development are not such strict axioms that must necessarily be followed. First of all, because there are a lot of different sites for which strict compliance with existing standards will not always be the same.

There are several types of Internet resources, which today are considered the most common.

Firstly, these are personal websites that provide information about a particular person who can be a businessman, an expert in the relevant field, a pop star or a show business. Creation and promotion of such a page of a personal nature is accompanied by a small financial costs. For this reason, these web-resources do not differ in their functionality and do not have a presentable design.

Secondly, these are business card websites. In most cases, they have one to five pages. They contain information about a particular company, product or service provided. Therefore, the creation of a business card site and its subsequent promotion can cost as cheap enough, and reach up to several thousand dollars.

Thirdly, information web-resources, on which users can familiarize themselves with a specific type of information. The price of creating and promoting such a page may depend on the functionality and subject matter. In addition, information-intranet-resources can at the expense of advertising other kinds of web-pages, services and goods and bring profit to their owners.

Fourthly, these are purely entertainment sites, which, as a rule, do not carry a semantic or information load. The creation and promotion of such a resource often involves the use of CMS, coping with huge loads. This is due to their daily visit to a huge number of people.

In any case, the creation of websites of any of these types, not to mention their subsequent promotion, may require the availability of relevant knowledge. It can take many months, and even a year, to receive them. For this reason, if in the near future it is planned to develop the website and its subsequent promotion in the “search engines”, you do not need to rush to do it yourself or refer to the first person who came across, it is best to entrust the creation of a website to the experts on web development, which will be able to take into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer.

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