We spotted some Exclusive gifts for Mother’s day which you can’t miss!

Mom, the word, the relation and the bond are as strong as the cement and can never be replaced with any other relation. No matter how big or young...

Mom, the word, the relation and the bond are as strong as the cement and can never be replaced with any other relation. No matter how big or young we are, she is still looked upon when we visit the doctor, or when we reach home after our busy day or whenever we want to share anything. The age, distance and any other relation can never come in between mom and our love for each other.

But still, due to our busy work life, we miss to spend time with her and talk to her or do much for her.

Mother’s day is one such day which gives us a chance to appreciate all her efforts, shower her with love, spoil her with presents and her favorite food and take her out for shopping and play around little. On this occasion, all we want is you to surprise her with your love and gift, of course.

When we think about gifts, first thing and in fact even the last thing which pops up in our mind are flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, saree or dresses or max to max bangles. But wait, gifting is lot more than that and knowing the limits we managed to spot some exclusive gifts for Mom which you can’t miss and shouldn’t miss out.

Some Exclusive gifts for Mother’s day we found are;

  1. Mother’s day in a jar

The name itself is so cute. The gift is beyond words. The concept is similar to hamper where a glass mason jar is loaded with pieces of stuff mom would love like, shampoo, perfume, chocolates, nail paint, kajal and other makeup items and nicely filled and decorated with confetti and craft papers and some sparkles. What’s best about this thing is the mason jar which brings the nostalgia feeling attached to the crock as mom used to store biscuits in it and nowadays are rare to find.

  1. Personalised crockery and apron

For the mom who loves to cook, this personalised crockery and apron is her sword and the army. One can personalise it by writing mom ka dhabba or engraving her name with kitchen. For example, Ria’s kitchen. For every time she will cook and serve the food she will grin.

  1. DIY kit

All moms are so productive that they keep finding a task to do when sitting idle. To kill this idle time we think a DIY kit would be a marvelous idea. From jewelry making kit to knitting kit, from perfume making a collection of handmade soap making kit all are good option to pick. Make sure you pick a gift according to her preference.

  1. Plants and gardening tools

This is a superb option for someone who loves gardening and always wanted to grow her own little plants and herbs. You can add seeds of different plants and let her grow her own little field.

  1. Fancy home decor

We are not talking about the boring and simple looking curtains, in fact, what we are talking about is the cool and classy decor like metallic paper bag planter, fancy wall clock, cute terracotta  Ganesh idol, etc.

These five things really got our eyes and we couldn’t wait to share with you’ll. Find more such unique and exclusive gifts on Tajonline.com.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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