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Conversions are the utmost concern for any business. It will only happen if you are targeting the right people. Knowing your customers well can be helpful for generating leads...

Conversions are the utmost concern for any business. It will only happen if you are targeting the right people. Knowing your customers well can be helpful for generating leads and increasing the conversion rate.
In the world of B2B marketing, it becomes extremely important that you pitch to the right prospect for conversions to happen. Unlike B2C sector, your customers are well informed and smart approach for their buy. The marketing must happen diligently with a well- thought plan for customer retention.It is not only about the product you make; it is about the right pitch, to the right people, at the right time.

Know Your Customers
Identifying your target audience is necessary for any marketing strategy. It allows full access to your sales as well as marketing for the company. Once you know who they are, you get a better understanding of what you are in for.

  • Be where they are!:

Stalking is an effective way of knowing the places your audience. Go to them, rather than expecting them to come to you. Make it effortless.

  • Better understanding:

You gain a better understanding of your customer’s needs. The sales are for your customers, not you.

  • Purchasing behaviour/ pattern:

The softwares available for digital platforms allow you track the general purchasing motivations of your customers.

  • Mimic them, Mirror them:

Once you know what they need, you can easily reflect their interest in your content, which allows you build a rapport with them.

  • Why is it essential?

Digital platforms have quite easily accommodated to new requirements for marketing or rather that there is a newfound scope for communication to happen on the digital portals.

  • Tailor-made pitch:

Once, you are aware of your customer’s need, you can tell them exactly what they wish for. Content marketing holds greater potential, but only if done right.

  • Tapping untouched markets:

Understanding their problems and requirements, you can expand into unexplored markets, yet to be served. Finding a niche where your potential customer is and your competition isn’t – is always a good strategy. Go Blue Ocean!

  • Increase in traffic:

Getting traffic is a thing, but getting qualified will actually bring business to your coming. The process can be amplified if you get targeted traffic to your website. The chances for the qualified leads increase and so for the conversions.

  • Branding:

The better the online presence, the higher the chances for branding your company. If the pitch happens the right way to right people, it is more likely for you to get recognition in the market. If you think of it, it’s a win-win. Qualified customers become your brand ambassadors.

  • How to know your customers?
    While you are at it, identifying your customers can be a little tricky. Here are few ways to know your target.
  • Your existing customers:

Your Go-To source to know your customers is your existing customers. There can’t be better educator than them. They have been in business with you for sometimes now. They know in and out, from your company to your team, to your products and services, etc. They can also tell you of what are problems they yet facing and what more can be provided from your side. Happy customers stay longer.

  • Market Research:

Surveying your peers and your potential customers can prove beneficial in the process. Market research empowers you with the direct data and clearer understanding of the customers as well as the market. It also helps you understand their behavioral pattern for purchasing or finalizing a deal.

  • Available data:

The available data from the authenticated websites and forum can be a great source for data in order to understand the market scenario, competition and the motivation for your customers. This gives you with the past experiences of your target customers and peers as well.

Final Word

Conversions would any day taste sweeter than the leads. The first step of meeting your customer’s expectation is to know their expectations first. It always better to know who are you catering, what are the limitations and competitions of your customers, their problems and requirement, and their motivation and potential to spend. Provide your customers with what drives them the best. Once you have a fair idea of your customer, you can easily target, segment and position your business likewise.

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