Repairing Toshiba laptop Motherboard

Signs of Motherboard Failure: Failure to boot Blue screen errors Randomly freezing and hardware no longer works Audio and/or laptop screen are not working Connected devices fail to work....

Signs of Motherboard Failure:

  1. Failure to boot
  2. Blue screen errors
  3. Randomly freezing and hardware no longer works
  4. Audio and/or laptop screen are not working
  5. Connected devices fail to work.

Reasons for Motherboard Failure:

  1. Electric and voltage fluctuations
  2. Dust particles, smoke, debris, etc.
  3. Liquid damage
  4. Overheating caused my fan failure
  5. Physical damage
  6. Aging

How to Perform a Motherboard Repair:

Step-1:Check Your Monitor.

Maybe your screen isn’t fueled on? Try to watch that your video link is appropriately associated and that any free associations are not happening through unplugging and connecting the link back.

Step-2:Check Your Graphic Hardware:

If you have a graphic card connected to your motherboard, take it out and plug in your monitor’s video cable into the motherboard and then restart your device. If your laptop boots up with no issues, you have a damaged graphic card that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Step-3:Check Your Internal Hardware:

There may be additional hardware installed in your laptop.  To operate suitably, a motherboard only requires the following: RAM, Processor, Fan, and SPMS. You can try to remove the additional hardware to test if the issue.When evacuated, you can turn on your PC and check whether it boots typically. In the event that it does, that mean there is an issue with one of your inside equipment frameworks. You can test each part to see which one should be fixed or supplanted.

Step-4:Check Your Battery:

Your motherboard issue may be that your CMOS battery is drained. To assess the battery, remove the CMOS battery then start your laptop up again to see if the problem is solved.

Step-5:Check Your RAM:

A typical motherboard issue is that your RAM (irregular access memory) is dead, causing your motherboard not to work. On the off chance that you happen to have two RAMs, test each by evacuating one and turning your PC on. In the event that the RAM is in fact the issue, you have to fix or supplant the RAM.In most cases, the signs of motherboard failure mentioned will need to be looked at by a professional. The average consumer is no expert in laptop hardware. If you think your motherboard needs to be repaired,bring your laptop to the experts at your local Computer Troubleshooters. Our specialists are trained in computer laptop repair and can help you with any and all of your computer repair needs.  Find a Computer Troubleshooters nearest you!

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