Some Of The Best Events Calendar In Lexington KY

Some Of The Best Events Calendar In Lexington KY

Lexington is one monumental heaven on earth. Here, you’ll enjoy out-of-the world experiences. The countless well-bred horses and spectacular landscape inspire a refreshing mood all over the magnificent farms. Immerse yourself into the fun things to do lexington ky we offer and open ways to your sanctuary of joy. The mind-blowing artistry will spark your creativity and push it to whole new level and before you know it, you’ll be wholly transformed. If discovering new things falls squarely within your bucket list, you better hurry. You’re missing a whole lot.

Have a scoop at the constantly updated events event calendar lexington ky this February and March so you don’t miss out:

1. 12th February: Snowbird Dressage
New Year celebrations are long gone already; so it’s time to blaze your own trail. There’s a lot of exciting things slated for this year.12th February is coming with a boom. You’re probably wondering what snowbird dressage is. Simply, it’s a Kentucky Dressage association sanctioned show. The series will commence with February and March shows for the spectators and competitors alike. Also, USEA classes will be included with the exhibition of introductory, first, second, third and advanced levels. If you’d love to hone your craft, keep a close eye on the event. The venue will be at Kentucky horse park area. If you’re a newbie for the best for your calendar lexington ky, you’ll leave as an inspired gamer.

2. 13th February: Indoor Polo
Is polo your thing? It’s scheduled for 13th February this year. Time is moving fast, so you better speed up as well to catch up. Typically, it varies between Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends in the covered arena. Before making up your mind, reach the organizers or any other concerned individuals to be sure. You can pull the contact details off the internet or just call them if you can reach them offline.

Aside from polo, Mardi Gras celebrations are yet another big thing on 13th February. Bayou bluegrass catering will be holding its annual celebrations at Copper Roux. For the record, scrumptious meals are an understatement. Go yourself to witness the Big Easy showcasing their authentic Cajun Style Cuisine and gobble down your favorite meals.

3. 14th February: Kids Chess Night
Mind –challenging games are highly recommendable for your kids. Good news; Crank and Boom Ice Cream proudly announce the monthly Kids Community Chess Night. Participation is open to all ages from kindergarten to high school with all ability levels ranging from beginner to expert. If you’re deeply in love with board games, you surely don’t want to miss it. It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to mingle and engage in a fierce mind battle.

As the events event calendar lexington ky clearly spells out, there’s a myriad of activities to plunge into this season. The thing is; put your things together and plan one of the best days of your life. In fact, the flipside of it all is that you’ll not only have fun and part with tons of cash, but gather a whole library of information as you explore. Remember to keep confirming the dates as they change from time to time. Overall, Kentucky is amazing!

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