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Nichrome wires are widely used in heating elements because of its relatively high resistivity.Nickel is generally a silvery white, lustrous metal,and chromium ,a steely – gray hard metal.The alloy is silver-gray in color,resistant towards corrosion and has a high melting point.Nichrome is basically name given to nickel-chromium resistance wires.The wire can also be found in laboratories,construction and specialized electronics.

It is a useful alloy and is popular because of its properties,has found many applications

in many instruments which require high resistivity.

Get a wide range of nichrome wires extensively available at the best prices in Wiretron.Nichrome wire comes in various ranges and is definitely a good choice for heating appliances.These wires work exceptionally well and is regularly used in fireworks.Nichrome wire can also be used to create a hot wire cutter,which can be used either at home or in an industrial setting.

Wiretron manufactures a wide variety of  magnet wires    with best efficiency and standard to meet the industrial requirements.These magnetic wires come with features such as :

  • Excellent bending property
  • High flexibility of the enamel
  • High mechanical property
  • High thermal property
  • Good resistance to refrigerant and Freon
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Outstanding chemical and mechanical property.

Magnet wire is specially designed for use in the construction of motors,speakers,coils and numerous other things.It is unique in that it is specifically designed to be wound as tight as possible to create a strong magnetic field and is also enveloped in a thin layer of insulation.Various parts of an automobile including the motor and coil use magnet wire to burn the gasoline in the engine.A magnetic wire is copper wire with thin insulation.Get the most efficient magnet wires at affordable prices at Wiretron.

Litz wire is constructed of individually insulated magnet wires which are either twisted or braided into a uniform pattern. These wires are used for applications such as communication equipment,inverters, television equipment,heat & radio equipment etc.

The multi-stranded configuration of Litz wire is specially designed to minimize the power losses exhibited in solid conductors due to “skin effect”.Skin effect refers to the tendency of current flow in the conductor that is confined to a layer in conductor close to its outer surface. At low frequencies, skin effect decreases and current is evenly distributed across the conductor. Litz wire constructions neutralize the effect by increasing the amount of surface area without considerably increasing the size of the conductor. Get the individual self solderable wires that are bunched together, and then again gathered together to form a bigger bunch.Wiretron offers superior quality litz wire that is known for its uniform thickness,durability,high strength and high functionality.These products are manufactured in accordance to international standards.

The exclusive features of litz wires are:

  • Impeccable finish
  • Thermal stability
  • Easy to use
  • Durable

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