Staticsmart is a Solution for all Static Related Problems

Staticsmart is a Solution for all Static Related Problems

Static smart provides an easy and affordable way to protect your equipment. They are experts in making flooring which helps absorbing static. Static is the reason for the breakdown of large equipment. As they interfere with the circuits and make them vulnerable.

Every technology rich firm consists of super-efficient computers, with the computational power of unimaginable speeds. These super computers, data center perform jobs like meteorological analysis, military checks, data analysis and a lot more. These computers help us to live a comfortable life. But these sophisticated machines are also prone to static discharge. ESD (Electro Static Discharge) makes the equipment, less functional as it reacts with the onboard circuits and makes them completely useless.

Staticsmart has the solution to ESD related issues. They manufactured ESD carpet, which absorbs the static electricity generated in the body and earth them elsewhere. They are the specialist in this field and have working experience of over 40 years.

Recently Staticsmart had worked with many US military air traffic control. Their sophisticated CAU were being breakdown frequently, 2 in a month due to ESD. And repairs take 60 days and valuable money. That’s why they have installed carpets, which absorbs static. And now there has been no static related issue. Military grade work also ensures trust for their job.

How Static is bad for equipment

Generation of static can be from simple sources. Like standing from a chair or walking on the floor. These static although harmless gets accumulated in the body. And as it gets accumulated our body becomes like a living cell, waiting to discharge the excess energy somewhere. This is where electronic equipment provides an easy, less resistive path to follow. And with any form of contact, the electricity flows through it, damaging the internal circuits.

Repairs costs are hefty and could result into full dysfunctionality of the equipment also in the major industry like meteorology dept. or electronics manufacturer. The equipment is complicated and could take several weeks for repair resulting in a complete shutdown of the assembly line. This could make the company bankrupt.

Solution for it

Instead of replacing the whole setup every time or wearing straps that demobilize your movement. You can remake your workspace with ESD carpet. The tile carpets or vinyl tiles provided by Staticsmart are the solution for it. They provide an easy path for static electricity to go through them ensuring protection of the equipment. Also, it removes the necessity of straps, so that you would feel free. They come in a variety of colors to choose from.

Carpets have strands opening which provides infinite ways for the flow of charge. And proper grounding is also provided by the company to ensure safety. In this way

The carpets are made eco-friendly, antimicrobial and recyclable. All Staticsmart products has also been certified green label plus which makes their product 100% recyclable, and good for the environment.

They are made with perfection; advanced manufacturing makes the product cut to cut precise. There are no weak fittings as a floor fitting is made in one go. They also ensure a lifetime warranty on static control other than military and meteorology. The carpets can also be used in schools, libraries, offices and much more.

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