The Color Masterbatches Market is estimated to hit $11.64 Million by 2023.

According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled, “Color Masterbatches Market: By Type (Special Effects, White, Black, Others); By Carrier (PE, PP, PS, ABS, PBT, PVC, Others);...

According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled, “Color Masterbatches Market: By Type (Special Effects, White, Black, Others); By Carrier (PE, PP, PS, ABS, PBT, PVC, Others); By Application (Blow Moulding, Film Extrusion, Others); By End User (Automotive, Electronics, Medical, Textile, Others); By Geography – (2018-2023)”, the market is set to experience a substantial growth owing to the strong demand from the end-user segments across the world.

Color masterbatch brings dramatic color to plastic resins and all applications, wherein they find their application. There are different manufacturers who produce color masterbatches for polyolefin polymers and for various industry verticals, delivering hundreds of standard colors as well as custom formulations and color/additive combi-batches. From business machines and appliances to textiles, automotive components and packaging, designers, brand managers and plastics processors rely on cutting-edge color technology and in-depth technical support. Color masterbatches have a wide range of end user applications in automotive, electronic appliances, medicine packaging, textile, food & beverage packaging and others. Among all the end-users, textile end-user segment is projected to register the highest CAGR of 15.9% during the forecast period. In terms of revenue, Food and Beverage Packaging end-user segment is projected to reach $4916.1 Million by 2023 at 12.2% CAGR.

APAC continues to lead the market share and growth during 2018-2023:
Asia-Pacific is the dominating market for global color masterbatches market and held $2.986 billion in 2017 and estimated to reach $6361.5 Million by 2023 at 15.3% CAGR. APAC is dominating the market because of the increasing urbanization and population, followed by the Americas and Europe. Future growth in the international market hinges heavily on the developing economies in Asia-Pacific, South America, and Eastern Europe. China and India, especially, stand out as noteworthy markets, given the mass exodus of production activities (automotive & industrial) from developing countries to low-cost Asian countries. The ensuing increase in foreign investments and rise in the number of new manufacturing establishments will allow Asia-Pacific to emerge as a prime driver of growth. The American region is projected to grow at a rate of 9.5% CAGR during the forecast period.

Selected / Sample Analysis done in the full Report:
The above graph indicates the pricing trends for color masterbatches market globally, across different end-user verticals from 2018 – 2023. The average price of the master batches mentioned for various applications are likely to follow a similar trend.
Color master batches are supposed to be amongst the cheapest additives for polymers, owing to their specific quality as well as the quantity of use in any application. In this market price, it is directly related to the demand of the products and is anticipated to have a stagnant price in the coming future, despite the presence of aggressively growing end-user verticals such as automotive and packaging sector.
There is a constant decline in the prices for masterbatches due to the declining prices in their feed stocks. On an average, the price of color masterbatches are estimated to remain stagnant during the forecast period of 2018 to 2023.

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Excerpts on Market Growth Factors Mentioned in the Full Report:
Strong demand from the packaging and consumer goods industry, low cost production requirements for packaging and more are the chief drivers of color masterbatches.
Rising demand of plastic products and decline in feedstock prices has instigated the color masterbatches demand globally.
Food and beverage packaging had the highest share for color masterbatches market due to the increasing demand of packaged products in countries like China, India, Germany, France and U.S.

Key Players of the Color Masterbatches Market:
A.Schulman and Ampacet Corporation are the two key market players in the color masterbatches market. While Ampacet occupies 21% of the market, Schulman has a market share of 18% in the global market. Ampacet is one of the major players in masterbatches market, with wide range of product offerings that enables plastic product manufacturers to produce consistent colors for their products. Ampacet offers black, white and color masterbatches as well as a wide range of additives. The company supplies a wide range of color masterbatches and hence, is usually priced above the average market price.

Color Masterbatches Market Report is Segmented as below:
Color Masterbatches Market By Type:
Standard Color Masterbatches
White Masterbatches
Black Masterbatches
Special Effect Masterbatches

Color Masterbatches Market By Carrier:
PE (Polyethylene)
PP (Polypropylene)
PS (Polystyrene)
ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate)
PVC (Poly vinyl Chloride)

Color Masterbatches Market By Application:
Injection Molding
Blow Molding
Film Extrusion
Rotational Molding

Color Masterbatches Market By End User:
Electronic Appliances
Medicine Packaging
Food and Beverage Packaging

By Geography ( Covers 15+ Countries )
By Entropy

Companies Cited / Interviewed
PolyOne Corporation
Tosaf Compounds Ltd.
Polyplast Müller GmbH
Cabot Corporation
Milliken & Company Inc.
Company 9
Company 10
Company 11
Company 12+

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What can you expect from the report?
The report is Prepared with the Main Agenda to Cover the following 20 points:
Market Size by Product Categories
Market trends
Manufacturer Landscape
Distributor Landscape
Pricing Analysis
Top 10 End user Analysis
Product Bench marking
Product Developments
Mergers & Acquisition Analysis
Patent Analysis
Demand Analysis ( By Revenue & Volume )
Country level Analysis (15+)
Competitor Analysis
Market Shares Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Supply Chain Analysis
Strategic Analysis
Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis
Opportunity Analysis
Revenue and Volume Analysis

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