The Girl Who Let Her Hair Loose – Neha Selokar

A small town girl with quirky dreams, a father’s daughter to an independent decision maker, the younger member of Selokar family, today, is the backbone of Mr. Naresh &...

A small town girl with quirky dreams, a father’s daughter to an independent decision maker, the younger member of Selokar family, today, is the backbone of Mr. Naresh & Mrs. Preeti Selokar. Neha Selokar never dreamt of fancy professions, rather she did whatever the girls normally do in Nagpur. She completed her schooling from Sanjuba School, Nagpur and took up engineering by following her friend’s path. Yet what made her all different is the ever enthusiastic attitude and the zeal to pursue something till the end.

After finishing her engineering, she moved to Pune in search for jobs. The initial days were hardest struggle as not many interviews shone on her and some of them did not give her the opportunity she was looking for. Finallly, one day, after rounds of interviews, she got selected with the The IMPALS, the marketing communication house in Pune for the position of Technical Content Writer. The very curious eyes of her known circle had definitely raised questions on her selection of a start up firm, that also in the marketing field. But the two people who stood always beside Neha were her parents.

And, as said, there are some relations made in heaven, The IMPALS was a start up which was looking for a person who can not only handle her core responsibilities, but possess an attitude of accepting whatever comes to her role and an eagerness not to give up till the end. Neha, soon, became that inseparable member of the IMPALSians family that the management took every faith in her to conquer the extra-ordinary.

Neha is a person who does not know ‘no’ in her dictionary. She does her best to achieve the best and a great team player”, said Mr. Hari Shanker, the Founder and Evangelist of The IMPALS. For her ever learning attitude, she was given the Best Employer Award as well as promoted in the very year of her joining. “I was never a dream person, rather a person who loves experiencing life. The opportunities at IMPALS, and the support and faith which the management bestowed on me, have left me with no choice, but to give my two hundred percentage to the company”, was Neha’s humble answer while asked about her plans. The IMPALS identified her strength and offered every opportunity starting from Content Writing to Client Servicing which helped her upgrading her skills in every part of marketing communication business. Today, she completes one year with The IMPALS and still believes there is much more to learn!

And, when asked about their response to Neha’s success, “our girl was closer to us and had never gone out of Nagpur. The very day she left home for her independent choice, we all were happy and in few months, when we received a letter of her promotion from her company, we were in ecstasy. Neha made us proud of her conviction and ambition. Also we got to know that day only that our daughter has finally become a self-made individual. We are proud of her”, said teary-eyed Preeti Selokar.

And how is Neha’s every day life in Pune, away from family? “Initially it was all new to me. Today, I got to know so many new people and places in Pune. Sometimes, I need to go to Mumbai for official purpose. Pressures at work have also got quite huge with higher responsibilities. But that’s the fun of professional life and I enjoy every single bit of it. Also, during free times, I practice my age-old hobby; dancing which can uplift my mood in no time.” While asked about her future plans, she readily answers, “There is no plan. Let’s see what a waits next to experience.”

Indeed, what’s there to hurry! She is just twenty three, a vibrant, jubilant and strong-headed girl who lets her hair loose to enjoy life and surely, life would surely reciprocate.

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