The Latest Trends of Digital Media Have you Caught Up with the Game Yet

If your company has a prominent online presence, it is very important for you to ace up the race in digital platforms. Online marketing enables the consumer-facing executive to...

If your company has a prominent online presence, it is very important for you to ace up the race in digital platforms. Online marketing enables the consumer-facing executive to measure the conversion rate using many simple methods on the social media forums. In fact, one can even arrive at the percentage of viewers that get converted into leads via this online marketing effort. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing etc. are different facets of online digital marketing, and the business owner can choose which one he/she wants to adopt to see their business thrive online.

Among the large pool of digital media marketing strategies and techniques, we have put down for you, the latest digital media trends, so that you can make a checklist for yourself to check whether your business or company is following these. If not, as a digital media expert, recommend these trends to your company and earn those extra brownies!

  1. Social media and augmented reality have swerved over

Mobile devices have become super powerful and social apps, these days, come with features that help you integrate it with your social media channels, just so that you can better engage your customers. For example, Facebook and Instagram are starting to use locations, so that brands could trigger sponsored augmented reality (AR) content in that particular location.

  1. Influencer market has become the latest ball game

The whole business world is all gaga about influencers now. However, no one has yet seen the results from such alternative marketing spend. The current influencer trend portrays that the market will soon collapse if brands start zeroing in on selected audience if the results become more organic. This could also lead to grassroots promotions ad lead to high costs, thereby resulting in little RoI. Therefore, investigate if this influencer business really suits your business!

  1. Data-driven marketing has an upper hand now

In data-driven marketing, it is very essential to keep a track of how the data translated to the customer journey. This tracking will help bring about digital marketing success. It is also a wise idea to keep track of your customers’ data in every step of their purchasing cycle and understanding what attracts them the most. You can then add a personalized touch to your design and marketing and witness their successful customer journey.

  1. Target your ads with more specificity

You must understand that not all ads are meant for every type of audience. People have understood that Facebook and Instagram have started showing up ads related to what pages people browse. The trend has become so outdated that it doesn’t interest readers anymore. Customers have started to ignore those target ads and scroll down. So, even if target ads are the most “in” trend now, plan wisely as to when to show which ad to people. Posting a targeted ad now and then will still capture their interests. Therefore, it is just not enough to know about the most “in” trends, using it in the wisest way will save your skin!

  1. Stop those shaky live videos and start shooting live ones

If you’ve already caught up with the trend of showcasing live videos on your customers’ social media channels, then it is important to know that they do not prefer those shaky videos anymore. The period where everyone was stuck to live videos have vanished now, and customers are more attracted to professionally shot live videos. So, if you are about to showcase your services or products in a live video, ensure that you get it shot with the help of professionals. This trend is worth investing on, as it assures traffic.

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