Things To Do If You Think You Are A Victim Of Medical Negligence

Almost everyone in the world will at home point in their lives seek medical care and treatment from a hospital or clinic. In most cases the treatment is successful...

Almost everyone in the world will at home point in their lives seek medical care and treatment from a hospital or clinic. In most cases the treatment is successful and the patient returns to their normal life, happy and healthy. However, there are some cases where patients are subjected to medical negligence that results in serious harm. Often times the patients leave the medical facility worse off than they entered.

In cases where there might have been medical negligence that caused a patient harm in any way, Personal Injury Solicitors in London can be of service. Here are the necessary steps a patient should take to increase their chances of winning a medical negligence case:

Step 1: Seek Adequate Legal Advice At Once

The sooner you can hire a legal team for your case, the better it will be for your cause. When you wait too long to file for a case or complaint about the injury caused by the medical personnel, the weaker your case may appear. When you wait too long there is also a chance of the statute of limitation expiring, meaning the case can no longer be filed.

Seek legal counsel at once to have a higher chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

Step 2: Document And Gather Evidence

After speaking with personal injury solicitors in London, they will have the same advice: gather as much evidence and medical documents as possible. Everything pertinent to your case will help the solicitors build a better case against the defendant. Here are some examples of important medical documents you must acquire:

Updated medical records (before and after the incident)

A detailed and complete list of the medical care providers you have visited. This may include hospitals and clinics, even if the visits were brief.

A complete list of the prescription medicine given to you by the medical professional including dosage, if possible.

All the paperwork that ties the medical facility with your case the solicitors may require.

From these important documents, your legal counsel will be able to build a good case against the medical practitioners who have caused you harm. The more documents you have, the better the chances of winning the lawsuit.

Step 3: Never Accept A Settlement Without Speaking With An Attorney

The insurance company of the medical facility will try to speak to you and try to settle the case outside of court. They do this to avoid any scandal and large payouts that will be costly to them and the reputation of the medical practitioner and facility. No matter how good the settlement may look on paper, it is best to consult with a lawyer first before accepting any deals.

Once you agree to the settlement, remember that you can no longer bring your case to court. The damage and harm inflicted towards you deserve more than just a cheap out of court settlement. Be sure to have the right people on your side so that you get the compensation you truly deserve.

Whether you’re a victim of medical negligence, work place accidents, or road traffic accidents, one of our Personal Injury Solicitors in London at Legend Solicitors will be able to help.

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