Thrilling Events in Lexington Ky

Thrilling Events in Lexington Ky

If you’re constantly working without rest, you better take caution. Most stress-related health problems are caused by overworking. Sometimes, it’s good to step into your comfort zone to explore the fine things life has to offer. While it may seem inappropriate or time-wasting, you’ll redeem your energy. Set off for Lexington Ky; a word-acclaimed place packed with mind-blowing things to do lexington ky throughout the year.

Here’s the events calendar in Lexington Ky on 18th February this year:

A Special Evening with Annie Moses Band
On 18th February EKU Center for the Arts will host the widely-acclaimed Annie Moses Band. With an array of loyal fans, they’ve earned themselves a glorious place in the musical world. Show up to enjoy their sensational blend of roots, classical and folk music. Their team of unrivaled musicians, songwriters and singers has impeccably mastered the unique art of mixing technical skills with thrilling showmanship. Large audience numbers won’t stop their magical voices and musical instruments from oozing titillating rhythm.

Exhilarating Performance at The Burl
Avail yourself at Burl along Thompson Rd to catch a live performance by top notch Motion Motel, Derek Spencer and Ezra. Tickets go at only $5; and entry is restricted to audiences below 18 years. The show will start off at exactly 9pm.Keep the rules in mind to avoid any inconveniences.

Rent: The 20th Anniversary Tour
The best event you can add to your calendar lexington ky, you’ll enjoy a timeless 1996-produced original rock musical by a less-known composer on Broadway. In the face of disheartening rejection and discouragement, the young ambitious performer vowed to solider on and he did! Two decades down the line, the piece is just as fresh as ever, with its real flesh and blood message of consistency despite difficulties intact. This Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award –winning masterpiece will steal the show in its 20th Anniversary. The one-in-a-bazillion piece is a practical souvenir of the primal thing we’re all after-love.

The Star City Circus Winter Residency
Every Sunday at the Burl, the Winter residency will keep the fire ablaze with thrilling presentations. The group of colorful musicians from the commonwealth and surrounding areas are out of this world. You better grab your ticket fast to enjoy the exclusive bliss!

Legends National Anthem & Take Me Out to the Ball Game Tryouts
Love hearing melodious voices peer into your ears? For that, let all roads lead to the Fayette Mall. The heart-soothing event will kick off at exactly 1pm and run all the way to 4pm.It a regular event to showcase unique talent. The singers will sing or play the National Anthem before everyone, just before Legends’ home games kick off. If you’re a one-to-death music fan, you better begin making arrangements fast enough or you’ll gnash your teeth after missing.

The event calendar lexington ky provides an accurate events’ schedule for anyone interested. However, don’t take it as the final word since the schedule can be updated anytime. It’s prudent to severally confirm the event you’re targeting to be sure. All in all, 18th February will set in with a myriad of exciting activities. Show up and plunge into the fun-activities. It’s worth it!

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