Tips To Plan A Wonderful Vineyard Wedding

Tips To Plan A Wonderful Vineyard Wedding

A vineyard wedding is an ideal earthy-chic atmosphere, tied and old-world appeal. Follow these tips to know how exactly to plan your own, any place in Birmingham.


Vineyards are gorgeous all year-round. However, they have different aesthetics based on the season. If you would like lush green rows of vines and cascading flowers in your wedding pictures, you will need to plan the wedding before the harvesting time of year. Once you have simplified down your vineyard selections, describe your ideal atmosphere so the venues’ staff can suggest which weeks reflect what you need. Likewise, if you are preparing an outdoor soiree, make sure there is an on-site strategy for the poor weather.

Inquire About Privacy

Wineries are not just sitting and looking forward to wedding ceremonies to come around. They are busy! They have vineyard tours, tastings and most have a pub area available to the public. If you are uneasy about strangers within the premises and rather need the Birmingham wedding venue to yourself, ask if there is any free day where using the whole estate is possible.

Color Combinations

Naturally, you can draw motivation from your surroundings with a buttery yellow or plum colors. For any Tuscan-inspired event, choose an apricot flower or celadon green mixture. Alternatively, simply let the landscapes speak by it and simply add options of color like aqua and pink.

Undone Florals

This is mostly one of the wedding themes where simple, unstructured floral plans boost the ambiance. You can add some not-quite-blossomed white tulips for a Nature-inspired plan, and include wildflowers.


Good Music

There is a couple of things more romantic when compared to a string quartet serenading guests during a drinking hour or playing in the back of your scenic outdoor ceremony. For in a happy reception, look at a folksy boho- design music type with smooth-as-butter vocalists for a few fresh vocals. Whatever you select, sound-test the area before time-whether your venue is a deck space or underground, make certain the sound quality is what you would like before guests get into the dance floor.

Local Cost

For starters, nothing at all is better with vineyard-fresh wines than cheese. Ask your caterer to make a place with different types of cheeses and meat with signs to take guests along their options. The caterer can also help with choosing the right wines to fit each meal, and askĀ  to see if you can get a discount. Often, the vineyard can give an offer if you have ordered in bulk. One more thing to bear in mind: Not all wines are available 365 days a year, so ask which types will be the best choices when booking your Birmingham wedding venue.

Signature Sip

Remember that not all of your guests might like wines, so having a simple drink choice is much appreciated. However, because you are in a place that makes alcoholic drinks does not imply they will serve all alcohol. Having a permit to serve wine on-premises differs, so verify what is in your venue’s legal restrictions.

On-Site Advantages

Some vineyards are more familiar with hosting big vineyard wedding than others, which means they most likely have the right plans on-hand that you could use-like such as providing loudspeakers, microphones, cables and more. Some some wedding vineyards do not have those options. You can also inquire about any unique Birmingham places to go after the wedding. It is likely that they have hosted other weddings before and they know some of the best around the vineyard.


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