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Travel for free with The Earth is an enormous, awe inspiring world with many places to go, wonders to see, and people to meet. For far too long,...

Travel for free with

The Earth is an enormous, awe inspiring world with many places to go, wonders to see, and people to meet. For far too long, unfortunately, the world was too big to really see.

People couldn’t find a convenient way to make the voyage to their dream destination. Even if they did, once there finding a place to stay and fun things to do can prove not only difficult, but also costly.

Worst of all, your usually stuck traveling with and going on vacations with the same, boring people you already know, be them friends or family, and

you spend so much time of your vacation that you tend to miss out on the real beauty of traveling: the unexpected encounter and experience with the environment and people you’ve immersed yourself into.

But times are progressing steadily; we’re getting more modern and advanced with our technology and methods of communication, and it’s all helping to bring people together and make the world just a bit smaller.

Couch-surfing and tourist-hosting are becoming more and more popular, where people look for a couch to sleep on when they visit Colorado, and find someone with a couch to offer.

There are many websites that offer the service,, is one of the most popular, where people offer rooms for tourists to stay in as opposed to hotels, and it’s so you can meet people and experience the culture from the locals.

But that’s a little boring and not quite adventurous enough. is the alternative travel site.

With you can do the traditional couch surfing, but that’s not the real fun in it. The real fun is in the second service they provide, finding travel companions or (buddies).

The benefit of a travel companion is practical on many levels. You can search for a buddy from your area also looking to travel to your destination.

You can also search for and find specific hosts that want to have their own (staycation) and accompany you about your day on your vacation.

One of the other awesome and practical benefits of finding a buddy at is economical: you can find someone willing to split the cost of the trip with you 50/50; split the cost so one pays for hotel and the other pays for meals.

You can also sometimes find someone that has a lot of money and is also really, really cool and is willing to pay for your entire trip just so they have someone to talk to.

Or maybe you’re that really cool person.Now, the fun doesn’t just stop there. makes vacationing a bit more mature, as it allows you to find that very (special) travel (companion).

If you are miserably broke and really want to go to Miami, it’s probably not likely that you’ll make it. However, if you are miserably broke yet happen to be incredibly pleasing to the eyes, use that to your advantage,

as there are a lot of people who would love your company and are willing to pay for it. You could of course be incredibly unappealing to the eyes, but very successful and sporting a fat bank account, and are looking for some arm candy to accompany you to Vegas.

You can definitely find a really hot person willing to spend an entire vacation with you on your dime. So don’t keep waiting, find a buddy and get your travel on.

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