Valhalla Mining – Service Overview, Technology, For Sellers, For Buyers The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Mining and Bitcoin Mining with Valhalla Mining

Valhalla Mining - Service Overview, Technology, For Sellers, For Buyers The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Mining and Bitcoin Mining with Valhalla Mining

Unlike classic, usually low quality investment-based Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining services, Valhalla Mining provides its customers with advanced technological Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining user experience. As our buyer, you will be able to order quick and rent enormous amounts of hash power, then point those amounts to a mining pool you will choose and then mine digital currency Bitcoins or other digital currencies such as Dash, Litecoin, and other popular digital currencies.

Valhalla Mining boasts with its technology.  Valhalla Mining’s high yield investment program is based on the one of a kind technological infrastructure presence that is present in almost every part of the world. We are offering at the moment two different marketplaces: the European marketplace and US marketplace with powerful performance stratums. Additionally to these servers, we also offer our customers with lightning fast stratum servers with whereabouts in the Asian continent. The goal of Valhalla Mining high yield investment platform is bringing their service as close as it is possible to fellow Bitcoin miners as well as to fellow buyers and provide them with excellent efficiency for sellers of hashing power and buyers of hashing power around the world.

If you’re into purchasing hashing power be sure that your targeted pool, is in the proximity to selected marketplace location – the United States or Europe or to achieve the very best results. Also, be aware that there are various amounts of hashing power with different bidding prices available on the European marketplace and on the United States marketplace. Because of this you must check each marketplace before your submit your orders for buying since you may get affordable hash power on particular marketplace.

If you want to sell hashing power, please make sure that you have connected your mining equipment to the nearest stratum server so you could get best efficiency. Please remember that you will be paid at the current global average price, i.e. you will be paid the same regardless on which marketplace you’re connected.

Why use Valhalla Mining for selling your hash power?

  • As Simple as using several mining pools
  • You are paid on PPS rewards system
  • Get paid more than any other multi mining pool pays
  • Automatic payments in Bitcoins and other digital currencies
  • No registration – mining equipment is pointed to our stratum server with your digital currency address as username
  • Transparency – always know how much money you generate at any time
  • No waiting for unexchanged coins because you will get paid in digital currency Bitcoins for all submitted shares
  • Detailed statistic for the past 7 days

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