What is a premise liability and how can a lawyer help?

What is a premise liability and how can a lawyer help?


Historically, the property owners had some obligations that they were to meet under the state, the local or the federal law and that has not changed in so long since they are still bound to these obligations. Whilst it is easy to debate about the similarity of the laws, we can confidently say that there is nothing much to debate when it comes to the underlying benchmark. The basic fact remains, even though they are not similar (laws) the propelling principal is the same regardless of the state. This is according to the premise liability Lexington KY.

Personal injuries

The land owners or the property owners under the law of the state or the federal laws, they are supposed to maintain, or rather, it is an obligation that they have to keep their property and the building safe to protect the visitors or those with the business there. Fail to which Personal injuries could be so common as advised by the personal injury lawyer Lexington KY. Therefore, you will have to evaluate the safety of the premises to ensure that it meets the standard requirements.

Evaluation of the premises

You will have to familiarize yourself with the premise liability law Lexington KY or if you don’t want to get it twisted in the law ocean, you can ask for legal advice from a qualified lawyer. There are so many qualified lawyers who are also experienced at holding property owners for their negligence. Therefore, do not get captured guilty. Make sure to speak to a lawyer about the evaluation of your premises to make sure that you are on the safer side.

Premises liability cases

Well there are so many liabilities that the premise liability covers according to the property liability Lexington KY. It covers for a wide range of cases and more importantly, it is an important checklist when fishing for the best lawyer. Here are some of the cases that the premise liability will cover;

  • The slip and fall cases in the building or the land.
  • The staircase or the elevator accidents.
  • Electricity and electrocution.
  • Insufficient security in the building or outside
  • Defective sidewalks.

Be cautious

You need to be extra cautious about your premises because so many accidents happen as a result of personal injuries. There is a big connection between the personal injuries and the premise liability;

  • Snow and water left on the sidewalks and the walk ways.
  • Defective electrical wiring.
  • Poor premises construction.
  • Violation of the building codes.

These are just some of the causes of the premises liability and as a land owner, you need to be so cautious and aware about some of these causatives.


Mostly, the land or property owners incur huge premises liability cases due to negligence. This is in accordance with the property liability Lexington KY. Therefore, to make sure that you do not fall on the wrong side of the law, familiarize yourself with the property laws in your state.

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