What Is Powder Coating And What Are Its Top Benefits?

When you’re looking to protect your equipment, Powder coating Cornwall, South West buildings should be at the top of your list. A lot of metal is used in buildings...

When you’re looking to protect your equipment, Powder coating Cornwall, South West buildings should be at the top of your list. A lot of metal is used in buildings ranging from window frames and more. There are also a lot of everyday products that can benefit from a round of powder coating.

Here’s a simple guide on what powder coating is and why you should go for it.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is what people call a unique way to finish a particular item. This can be a piece of furniture or something smaller. It is usually applied to metal surfaces and the most basic component of it is a powder consisting of resin. This is applied to a metallic surface via heat to create a thin film that protects the metal.

This is done by initially preparing the metal by proper cleaning. Next, the powder coating material is then sprayed on or the item is dipped. Finally, the item is then treated with heat, most often in an oven so that the powder will stick to the metal.

The Benefits of Powder Coating

This may seem like a bit much trouble for protecting something. After all, why can’t you just leave it alone or use another way of finishing? There are several benefits to using powder coating compared to other finishing options.

Durability. First, you’ll notice that powder coating is a lot more durable than the normal paint options. When you paint on a layer of protective coating, this can be easily chipped away. Even the effects of weather can slowly wear it all away. Powder coating is a lot harder to get rid of. You won’t see this coating chipped away easily from normal abrasion. Additionally, corrosion will also have a hard time against it. Furthermore, powder coating can be mixed with other substances to make it tougher against the elements.

Longevity. Normal paint coatings have another problem: they fade. In just a few years, you can expect all those bright colors to become faded and aged. Powder coatings don’t have the same problem. A decade from its application and you can expect the powder coating Cornwall to be just as bright as it was when it was first applied. This is because the ultraviolet radiation of the sun is not as effective against the heat treatment done by the finishing process.

Wider Variety. When you are picking a particular coat of paint, you might notice that what a lot of people do is they mix two different paints together. This limits the color choices to what is mixed. However, mixing powders is a lot easier when it comes to creating color selections.

Eco-friendly. One of the most common components of liquid paint is chemical solvents and the like. Powder coating skips all of that since the binding material is not in the powder but in the application process. Without solvents, there is no threat of pollutants getting into the air or water.
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