Why AdsPact.com is the Best Alternative to Google AdSense

Why AdsPact.com is the best alternative to Google AdSense For a long time, website and blog publishers have had to put up with all the limitations of Google AdSense....

Why AdsPact.com is the best alternative to Google AdSense

For a long time, website and blog publishers have had to put up with all the limitations of Google AdSense. This is because they have been deprived of alternatives, Google has enjoyed dominance in the online advertising world and kept every publisher at its mercy for quite a long time.

The situation has however since changed. New products such as www.AdsPact.com have been created thereby leaving publishers with options to choose from.

Thanks to AdsPact and its kind, web publishers no longer have to up with the challenges which Google AdSense made them go through as a monopoly. Such limitations include abrupt suspension of a user account and blockage of ads among others.

Abrupt account suspension has in particular dealt publishers a major blow as this means that you are no longer ableto make money through AdSense.

Even worse, Google can suspend your account without any clear reason for doing so.

About AdsPact.com

AdsPact is a pay per click advertising network. It is based on content targeting ads. It offers webmasters and bloggers a chance to earn money by allowing advertisers to place ads on their sites. The publishers are paid depending on the number of clicks a particular ad receives from their site visitors.

To begin using AdsPact.com , you have to sign up at www.AdsPact.com. The site offers two kinds of accounts, the advertiser’s account and the publisher account. Choose the latter if you are a webmaster who wishes to make some money with the advertising programme. The registration process is quite easy, you only need to enter a few details and then your account will be created. Once your account has been set up and confirmed, you can start enjoying the perks provided by AdsPact.

You only need to copy and paste a HTML code onto your website code to kickstart the advertisement process. Once you have done so, advertisers will begin placing bids for an advertising space on your site. You can then choose from the highest bidders and begin making some money. The programme has an ads serving system that displays the highest bidders thereby enabling you choose from one of them.

AdsPact is the alternative to AdSense

AdsPact.com is certainly the best alternative to Google AdSense. If you have grown tired of all the limitations of Google AdSense then you should certainly cross over to AdsPact and begin enjoying all that it offers. Below are the reasons why AdsPact is more suitable than Google AdSense when it comes to earning revenue through online ads:

1. It shares more revenue with you

Ads Pact offers users a more generous share of its total earnings from ads compared to Google AdSense and other programmes. It shares 80 percent of earnings with publishers whereas AdSense only shares 68 percent of revenue with users.

2. It allows you to use a single account for different domains

If you own multiple websites or blogs, you can be able to place ads on them from a single AdsPact.com account. You are not required to set up a different account for every domain. This is quite convenient and also increases your chances of making money through the ads.

3. Accounts get approved faster

When you sign up, AdsPact will take less than 24 hours to approve your account. This means that you won’t have to wait very long to start earning from the ads.

4. Low minimum amount required for payment

Ads Pact pays you as soon as you have earned $10. This is pretty low and achievable.

5. Flexible payment methods

AdsPact mainly pays publishers with PayPal but it also makes adjustments and allows
payment methods like wire transfer, Skrill, Alert Money, and Moneybookers.

6. Easy management of account

The programme enables management of all logins and payments from a single dashboard. This
makes everything easy and fast.

7. Fraud monitoring

AdsPact.com has a highly developed fraud monitoring system. It lets you know of any suspicious
or illegal activity going on with your account.

8. It allows more adverts per page
Ads Pact allows up to 3 advertising blocks per web page.


www.AdsPact.com should indeed be your number one choice if you wish to discontinue the use of Google AdSense. It offers flexibility and a chance to earn more money through online ads in comparison to other programmes.

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