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Mr. Sushil Modi basically hails from the Recruitment background with 16 years of extensive knowledge and experience in global companies both within and outside the country. A Mumbaikar, who...

Mr. Sushil Modi basically hails from the Recruitment background with 16 years of extensive knowledge and experience in global companies both within and outside the country. A Mumbaikar, who was based out of Singapore for more than 5 years, moved back to Pune out of his love for the country. After returning to India, he ventured into entrepreneurship, in his forte i..e “Recruitments”. However, the thought of starting xPlus Dernier CRI stemmed from his realization, triggered by the experience of a someone close within the family.

Mr. Sushil Modi was the chief guest of IMPALSIANS “Rendezvous Session” during the first Thursday of December 2017. During his visit to IMPALS, he shared his perspective with our bright minds and sowed the seeds of knowledge amongst them. A wonderful and cheerful person, Recruitment specialist and now an entrepreneur, he is a very pleasant personality to interact with. His vast experience gave us an insight of his career. On the personal front, he is from Karnataka, (Being a Modi he is always mistaken to be hailed from our PM’s homeland Gujarat). He is married to a Maharastrian, who has completed her doctorate few years back and who cooks delicious food, specially, seafood. He has a son and a daughter. It was a wonderful session that day & we IMPALSIANS had a gala time.

We IMPALSIANS interacted with him on various topics. In fact we did a small interview with him, the excerpts of the same are below.

How did the idea of starting X plus strike you?

The inception of the xPlus took place from the experience of not finding right fitting apparels for someone close within the family just because of plus size. This experience led me to a realization of the same trouble many plus size people face. This triggered me to devise a plan to address the issue and I did extensive market survey and research. And finally I decided to venture into this segment.

How did you work towards the execution of this idea?

Well, I did extensive research and survey for the same for three months. I received active support from my wife who herself is a doctorate. We tried to cover majority market with the research and found out that obese people are actually facing a lot of issues to find the right fit for them.  After the survey, I started working towards its execution. I contacted lots of vendor across India and got them on board with us. We have lots of option on our website for all the plus size category and we only cater to this segment.

Challenges you face in this venture?

Yes, we are facing a lot of challenges currently. We are new in the market so we still have to build that trust in the market. We have to take a lot of efforts to convince renowned brands to partner with us. Another challenge that we are facing is we have garments for adults and teenagers. But we are still struggling in the kids section. We are yet to find a vendor who can cater to the kids section.

Do you deliver all across India?

Yes, almost. Except, Kerala we are delivering to every part of India. We have tied up with a courier service which had a good network in every nook and corner of the country apart from Kerala. We are in talks with one of the service providers there and very soon we should be able to deliver in that part of our country as well.

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