CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher – Manufacturers, Suppliers in Bangalore

CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher - Manufacturers, Suppliers in Bangalore

We, Safe hand industrial products Services could be a Leading Manufacturer & Suppliers of all kinds of Fire Extinguishers. We have a tendency to specialize in ABC’s type fire Extinguishers, co2 type fire Extinguishers, and Automatic Fire Extinguishers, Fire Ball, Electrical Siren, Hand Operated Siren and Clean Agent. We have a tendency to are Importers of Gas Leak Detector, hearth Blankets and every one types of accessories of fireplace extinguishers like ABC’s Valves, gage, standard Valves, Discharge Hose Pipes etc. Promoted by a team of extremely intimate professionals within the hearth fighting instrumentation trade and backed by world’s most advanced management data system, we have a tendency to be absolutely capable to satisfy the particular necessities of the most recent world. We have a tendency to at Safe hand industrial products Services take this chance to introduce ourselves as a hardcore skilled outfit with an insight into a customer’s demand. We have a tendency to are addicted to client care & satisfaction and have with success been providing our services with the proper mix of quality and economy. We have a tendency to take ultimate care to provide:



Superior quality


Our sales team is the group of extremely self-driven professionals who continuously retrieve to bring forward the most effective in terms of wonderful services and quality of product to our purchasers. We have a tendency to infect offer customized services supported the wants of consumer and are engaged in the executions of all types of fireplace safety systems from idea to the authorization stage of a project. Fire incidents and found fire extinguishers are often extraordinarily effective in stopping flames before they grow out of management. Each study found hearth extinguishers were ready to stop the hearth in over eightieth of recorded incidents, whereas also noting several others that are destroyed during this manner are never according to the fire department within the initial place. Uncontrolled fires also can have a harmful impact on the setting by emotional carbon and alternative greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. By conclusion the blaze timely, hearth extinguishers facilitate minimize the spread of pollutants whereas additionally saving the water firefighters would otherwise use to extinguish the blaze. By providing and service fire extinguishers in Bangalore and other suppression systems, the team at Northland fire & Safety can help you keep your property safe.

We have emerged jointly with the leading organizations for producing and activity reliable Water CO2 fire Extinguishers in Bangalore. Appropriate for extinguishing the fire of class a is caused because of carbonic materials like paper, wood, clothes, and plastics, these fireplace extinguishers are created in compliance with the fire safety standards.CO2 kind fire extinguisher uses CO2 gas that is known as a clean ending agent because it leaves no residue when used. These extinguishers are appropriate for class B and are most well-liked on electrical instrumentation since it doesn’t leave something when getting used. It works by releasing CO2 within the gas that neutralizes the oxygen present within the space of fireplace and thence not solely place out the hearth, however, prevents reignition of the fireside. Additionally, the freezing temperature of CO2 helps within the method. Because of it’s to its several blessings it’s a well-liked style of fire extinguisher and is good for offices, workshops or any premises that use electrical instrumentation. These extinguishers are widely used in industrial places, offices, buildings and industrial areas or places with electrical things for controlling and putting out of fireside.

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