Can You Put Solar Panels On Your Roof? Here Are Things To Consider

The cost of solar installation Campbell has dropped in the last few years, thanks to the innovations of many manufacturers and the interest of many industries in it. If you are a homeowner or a business owner and you’re thinking of saving money while also having a positive effect on our planet, you can do so by having solar panels on your roof.

Although solar panels generally will work as long as there is sun in your area, there are still a lot of things that you have to consider. Its effectiveness and its longevity will directly be affected by a number of things that we’re going to list down below. Here are the things that you have to take note of before you put solar panels on your roof.

Material of the roof

Most residences use roof that is made of asphalt shingles. These are materials that can accommodate the installation of solar panels with little to no issues. Other materials that are also solar panel friendly are rubber, clay tile, and standing seam roofs. Nowadays, roofing Campbell companies will also give you a quote on the rough estimate if you want to support solar panels.

Amount of layers of the roof

If you have roof shingles, you have to make sure that the amount of layers that you have are taken into consideration. If you have two or more layers, you’re going to have to expect more weight. You should get your roof inspected to make sure that it’s safe to install an additional layer in the form of solar panels.

Structural stability and age

You have to take into consideration how old the structure is before putting solar panels on the roof. There are a lot of buildings that may seem like their structural integrity are at high standards, but that can deteriorate overtime. The safety of people that are going inside the house if it’s a residential structure should always be the top priority.

Exposure of the roof to the sun

Solar panel only works if it receives enough exposure from the sun. You want to maximize the output of your solar panels by making sure that they are exposed to the sun between 9 AM in the morning to 3 PM in the afternoon for the entire year. If you live in an area where there may be trees, buildings, and mountains that could blot out the sun, then you have to reconsider things.

Homeowners association regulations

Something that a lot of people forget to consider when opting for solar installation Campbell is if it’s allowed by the homeowners association. Check in with the HOA if it’s allowed within the contract. The final say for most of these decisions will always go to the landlord. If you can get more people interested in installing solar panels, you may have a stronger case in the long run.
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