Career after Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

What is Economics and what are Different Courses in Economics?

Economics is the study of origin, utilization and circulation of money. A bachelor’s degree in economics makes your career advance in financial processes which are needed in various businesses. It is a promising career in which you can be a part of vital financial decision making. There are various courses available in economics ranging from diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and even Ph.D. in Economics. All these courses make you well equipped in financial processes and procedures which take place in all types of economic activities.

Where should I study for my Bachelor Degree in Economics?

There are many top institutes in the world for providing you the world-class education in economics. Developed countries like AUS, USA, UK, Canada and various European countries like Italy, Netherlands etc offer economics degrees that are recognized all over the world. China, Japan, and Turkey are also emerging as hot destinations for economics graduate courses.

What are the jobs Opportunities after my Bachelor’s Degree?

There are various career options available for economics graduates. These are explained briefly below:

  • Financial risk or investment analyst: These analysts work for investment, trading or insurance companies and public sector undertakings. They check the probable events and the risk they pose on the financial stability of the organization.
  • Auditor: These auditors work for financial consultancy services and for government sectors. Their main role is to see that all economic statements and accounts are up to date, valid, legal and are in a presentable form.
  • Economic consultant: They work for public and private agencies, financial companies, and research institutes. These conduct a thorough research for probable economic problems and then predict their possible solutions.
  • Financial manager: These can work for any public sector or private sector company. These assist the management in making wise financial decisions in order to minimize the cost of the company and increase profits.
  • Market research analyst: They can be an asset to any company. They analyze current trends in the economic market for assessing how the products and services of a company can behave under specific economic scenarios.

All the above job positions use both qualitative and quantitative methods and techniques of economics to reach perfection in their assigned roles.

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